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Hâtar Krezk iv-Sadow


► 47
► Sith Pureblood (Massassi)
► 7'2"
► 340 lbs
► Gold
► Black
► Dromund Kaas
► Male
► Sith Order
► Sith Master (Level 2)
► Yes


Hâtar (pronounced hot-are) Krezk iv-Sadow was a male Sith Pureblood active during the Force Eternal era. The son of a Sadow woman who was only a cousin of the main line and the head of a local lower house, the Krezk, Hâtar grew up in a large jungle city named Ollan and became well versed in local and familial politics. By the time he was in his late 20s, the man grew bored of the petty squabbles between lower houses for control over a declining Ollan, and so he left Dromund Kaas to seek out the newly proclaimed Sith Order. Hâtar grew significatly under the tutelege of the Sith, quickly rising to the rank of champion and taking on a teaching position at the Sith Academy on his homeworld.

Hâtar's strengths as a Sith lay in his martial prowess and his ability to enhance it through the Force, and as such he was the primary dueling instructor during his time at the academy. There he met a young Tiefling named Ayomi Jakarta, whose ambition to master the art of the lightsaber rivaled his own. The Pureblood took a special interest in the acolyte, including working with them one-on-one outside of normal class hours, then later took Ayomi on as his official apprentice after the Onderon Special Forces destroyed the academy.

After several more years of training Ayomi and eventually confering upon them the rank of champion, Hâtar returned to his homeworld once again to take control of the disorganized mess that was House Krezk. With the power and resources he'd gathered from his experience as a Sith, the Pureblood quickly put down any rival claims to power within his own house and moved his sights towards the untapped potential of the nomadic tribes of Dromund Kaas' jungles. Erecting a ziggurat-style complex far in the northern hemisphere as his base of operations, Hâtar began traveling to recruit the local tribes to his cause or else subjugate them outright. Soon he'd brought all the tribes with a 500 mile radius to heel, converting their best warriors into his personal militia and dubbing himself the "Warlord of Krezk." Since then, however, there has been very little information on his doings or whereabouts, and there has been no further expansion of his territory.


► 113 ABY: Hâtar is born as the heir to the Krezk lower noble house on Dromund Kaas

► 133 ABY: Hâtar takes on an active role in his family's political struggle for the jungle city of Ollan

► 140 ABY: Bored and searching for power elsewhere, Hâtar joins the Sith Order

► 143 ABY: Hâtar is made a champion, and becomes the dueling instructor for the Sith Academy on Dromund Kaas

► 147 ABY: Hâtar meets the young acolyte, Ayomi Jakarta, for the first time

► 148 ABY: The Sith Academy is destroyed, and Hâtar takes on Ayomi as his apprentice

► 155 ABY: Hâtar grants his apprentice Ayomi the rank of champion, and returns to Dromund Kaas

► 155 ABY: Hâtar builds the Ellesar Bastion, a military fort, home, and his base of operations, in the jungles of Dromund Kaas' northern hemisphere

► 155-157 ABY: Hâtar brings the surrounding Pureblood tribes under his control

Skills and Abilities

Melee/Lightsaber combat [****]

Force Abilites [***]
Force Enhancement [***]
Tactics [***]

► The Ellesar Bastion, a large ziggurat-style complex with a fully functional hangar, armory, storage rooms, living quarters for up to 200 people, personal living quarters, and an audience hall
► 1x Cronese Battlebird
► 5x TIE/D "Defender" Fighters
► 5x TIE/FO "First Order TIE" Fighters
► 50x Massassi Pureblood warriors
► 10x Kissai Pureblood sorcerors
► 20x Pureblood pilots
► 30x assorted Pureblood staff (mechanics, cooks, etc.)
► 1x dual-phase lightsaber pike
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