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Oct 6, 2008
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Hazrath Venron


► 62
► Human
► 5'11"
► 184 LBS
► Green
► White
► Chandrilla
► Sith
► Acolyte
► Yes

Hazrath Venron's journey into the heart of darkness began in the dying days of the Sith Empire. Born during a time of tumult and war, Hazrath's fate was sealed when his vessel was shot down during a skirmish with the Republic forces. Marooned on an uncharted moon at the tender age of 22, he found himself isolated from the chaos of the galaxy, surrounded only by the whispers of the dark side that echoed through the desolate landscape.

In the solitude of his exile, Hazrath delved deep into the mysteries of the dark side, cultivating a knowledge that was both deep and pure. Though he never officially completed his training as a Sith, he voraciously consumed the ancient Sith writings stored on the starship he had once called home. Through relentless study and unwavering determination, he honed his connection to the dark side, forging a bond that would shape the course of his destiny.

It was on that desolate moon that Hazrath's true power began to emerge, unfettered by the constraints of society and tradition. He embraced the darkness within him, allowing its primal energies to flow through him like a river of shadows. In the depths of his isolation, he discovered a clarity of purpose that had eluded him in the tumult of the Sith Empire's final days.

As the Sith Empire teetered on the brink of collapse, Hazrath emerged from the shadows, his mastery of the dark side a beacon of hope for those who still clung to the ancient ways. Though the Sith were ultimately cast down from their throne of power, Hazrath remained undaunted, his resolve unshakeable in the face of adversity.

In the shadows of the crumbling Empire, Hazrath thrived, his wisdom and power growing with each passing day. Now, as the echoes of war fade into memory, he seeks to purify both the Sith and the Empire with the knowledge he gained in his years of isolation. With the dark side as his ally and the wisdom of ages at his command, Hazrath Venron stands as a living testament to the indomitable power of the Sith.

At 62 years old, the shamanic Sith exudes an aura of ancient wisdom and raw power. Having been trained in the dark arts during the twilight days of the Sith Empire, he embodies the essence of a dark side purist. His connection to the Force is as deep as the roots of the oldest trees, tapping into its primal energies with a reverence born of centuries of study and practice. Unlike many of his contemporaries who seek destruction for its own sake, the shamanic Sith views the dark side as a force of nature, flowing and shifting like a mighty river. He looks down upon those who wield power recklessly, preferring instead to embrace the natural ebb and flow of the dark side's power, harnessing its unstoppable force with a patient and deliberate hand.

In his eyes, true power lies not in wanton destruction, but in the mastery of the dark side's inherent chaos. He sees himself as a conduit for the primal energies of the Force, channeling its immense power with a reverence that borders on reverence. To the shamanic Sith, the dark side is not a tool to be wielded carelessly, but a sacred force to be respected and revered. And as he walks the path of the dark side, he does so with a quiet confidence, secure in the knowledge that he is but a vessel for the unstoppable might of the Force.


Hazrath Venron's mastery of the Force is a testament to his deep understanding and reverence for its primal energies. He channels the dark side with an almost meditative focus, drawing upon its raw power with a calmness that belies the chaos it unleashes. His connection to the Force runs as deep as the roots of ancient trees, allowing him to manipulate its currents with a precision and finesse born of centuries of study and practice. With a patient and deliberate hand, Hazrath harnesses the unstoppable force of the dark side, shaping it to his will and using it to achieve his objectives with unwavering determination.

In combat, Hazrath wields his lightsaber with a fluid grace that reflects his profound connection to the dark side. Each strike is precise and calculated, infused with the raw power of the Force that courses through him. He moves with the effortless ease of one who has mastered both blade and mind, anticipating his opponent's every move with a calm confidence. Rather than relying solely on brute strength, Hazrath allows the natural ebb and flow of the dark side to guide his actions, transforming his combat style into a deadly dance of death and destruction. With his lightsaber as an extension of his will, Hazrath Venron is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, his mastery of the dark side unmatched by all but the most formidable of adversaries.
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