History of the Bogan Empire

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Nov 27, 2005
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The Bogan Empire
From Cult to Empire


We were not always an Empire.

Once, we were but a small, wayward band of former Jedi, ones who fled persecution from the Order in the aftermath of the schism on Ossus and the fallout from the Republic-Alsakan War. Our forefathers then fled to Conscio, where they discovered the ancient writings of Xendor, one of the first Dark Jedi. They were corrupted by its truths and become the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, reflecting the ancient powers of the dark side of the Force.

For years we remained on Conscio, not revealing ourselves to the people who lived in the great cities beyond the jungle where our temple sat. After ten years we left and set ourselves down on Ando Prime, watching and waiting for another ten years. When the First Hutt War began, we struck—under the leadership of the second Bogan, Alexandros Corvellian, we assaulted the Jedi Temple and burned it to the ground, letting the Jedi know exactly where we were.

Over the next year, former Jedi Grand Master Banik Kelrada, who was betrayed by the Jedi during the schism on Ossus, killed Corvellian and became the Bogan, furthering the engines of war and leading us closer to glory as an empire. Shortly before the failed Jedi and Republic assault on Ando Prime, most of our order fled the ice world and went to Conscio.

Once there, Emperor Kelrada told the inhabitants of Conscio that he and his followers were the descendants of the individuals they had worshiped thousands of years earlier—the Sith King Adas and the entirety of the Sith species, which had ruled an empire on Conscio and beyond before being repelled to their home world of Korriban by the Infinite Empire around the time the Republic was founded. The Conscioans, who lived under a theocracy that said their gods would one day return, swore their loyalty immediately to those who called themselves the gods.

With his hold over Conscio complete, Kelrada began setting up his new imperial government, enacting a series of decrees that established the political and religious structure of the Empire. He relinquished his title of Bogan to the Governor of Conscio, Dhar-kor Jord, but retained control over all aspects of religious life as need be—he compared it to him being an actual god, with Jord being his religious vicar amongst the people.

The title of Bogan also gave Jord the title of Supreme Commander of the Bogan Imperial Fleet, with Banik retaining ultimate decision-making authority as Commander in Chief. It allowed for him to remain Emperor of the Bogan while passing most day-to-day authority to the Governor of Conscio, while Kelrada and his High Lord, Elijha Oderyn, saw to it that their endgame played out as planned.

With Conscio firmly under his control, Kelrada set out to expand his empire throughout the Esstran sector, a sector that was protected against Hutt incursion following the signing of the Treaty of Centares that also saw to it that the Bogan would train Hutt forces to fight against the Jedi. The Bogan Imperial Fleet first traveled to Ziost and Thule, where they also
declared themselves to be the gods of the ancestors.

Most of the populations of the planets swore loyalty to the Bogan Empire, but there were pockets of resistance. These rebels became resistance fighters, launching attacks against the Dark Jedi. They were well armed and well trained—as he was leaving the Esstran sector thousands of years earlier, the Sith King told the people he left behind to be ready for the return of their gods—but did not believe that the Dark Jedi were the descendants of the former Sith Empire. This also led to insurrection on Conscio, with other likeminded individuals protesting the new Bogan dominance.

The subjugations of Conscio, Thule, and Ziost took attention away from the strengthening of the Empire for the second half of 12,977 BBY, but the rebels were ultimately suppressed and were forced to kneel before the Dark Jedi. Having seen the great power that the Dark Jedi possessed from the Force, combined with their military might, the rest of the sector swore loyalty to Emperor Kelrada and the Dark Jedi, completing the Dark Jedi dominance over the entirety of the Esstran sector.

Emperor Kelrada secured his reign over his sector-wide Empire and drafted billions of non-Force sensitive individuals from across the worlds into his Bogan Imperial Army, a force to be reckoned with; millions were already well-trained from the planetary armies in place before the Dark Jedi arrived, and many millions more were trained over the course of 12,976 BBY and beyond in order to fight against the Jedi—which Kelrada knew had the military backing of the Galactic Republic.

For the first time ever, an army sworn to the dark side of the Force was large enough to actually mount a challenge against the Jedi and their allies in the Republic. Not even Xendor, the Dark Jedi who launched the First Great Schism millennia earlier, could have imagined such an accomplishment—but he soon would.

Soon the Jedi would as well. As the Second Hutt War began, the Bogan Empire began to wait, knowing they would soon have an opportunity to strike out against the Jedi…and ultimately destroy them.
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