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Jul 1, 2021
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Empire denies Korda Six attack was a 'calculated massacre'

By Editor, Voren Dhur

In a dramatic and controversial move, the 'Office of the Emperor' has issued a statement outlining the Imperial position on Korda Six. It follows headlines by this publication, which described the recent attack as a "calculated massacre." The recent Imperial military intervention has ignited widespread condemnation and debates surrounding the Empire's handling of interplanetary conflicts.

Imperial authorities attempted to justify the military operation, citing a series of 'unprovoked' attacks by Kordan paramilitary groups on Imperial assets and citizens. These assaults, Imperial intelligence asserts, were orchestrated with the full support of Korda Six's governing body, which had seemingly united behind the perpetrators.

The Kordan society on Korda Six had transformed into warlike bands, each led by influential warlords aligned with the terrorist group responsible for the earlier assaults, according to the statement by the Emperor's office.

The release claims that the Empire faced what they viewed as 'ongoing aggression', which compelled the Imperial Armed Forces to take swift and decisive action to safeguard its citizens.

A notable target in this operation was the planet Ossus, where the Kordans sought to 'illegally' capture a cruiser-class capital ship.

Imperial authorities contend that the Kordans' militarization posed a significant risk, particularly considering what the Empire alleged was previous unprovoked violence against the Empire.

Critics, however, argue that the Empire's response raises concerns about proportionality and the potential for collateral damage.

Adding to the complexity of the situation is the noticeable absence of the Emperor, who has not been seen in public for months and is widely presumed dead.

This uncertainty casts a shadow over the Empire's leadership, leaving citizens and the galaxy in the dark about the fate of the mysterious ruler.

The Hyperlane Herald, known for its unapologetically critical stance, has once again slammed the Imperial actions, highlighting the widespread condemnation of the attack on Korda Six.

The news outlet's previous characterisation of the incident as a "calculated massacre" reverberates in the minds of many citizens, contributing to the growing scepticism surrounding the Empire's motivations.

As the galaxy grapples with the aftermath of this controversial military campaign, one thing remains clear – the Imperial Armed Forces' actions on Korda Six have ignited a firestorm of condemnation and opened a new chapter in the ongoing debate over the Empire's approach to handling planetary conflicts.

The Hyperlane Herald will continue scrutinising and questioning the Empire's actions, providing a voice for those seeking answers amid the prevailing uncertainty.

OOC - Office of the Emperor – Statement Regarding the Operation on Korda Six

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