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Feb 24, 2015
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Idle Hands

With the fresh Mandalorian conquest of Lothal secured, the clans do not wish to sit idle. The Crusade is unending and under the Mand’alor’s orders, expeditions of conquest have begun in this new corner of the universe. This quadrant will belong to Mandalore and its people will be subject to the Mand’alor’s rule.

Mission 1

The humble people of Gand have long held themselves apart from the galaxy, preferring to remain isolated and superstitious as the galaxy moves around them. An ammonia rich atmosphere, warriors sent to this planet will require rebreathers and filters outfitted to their beskar’gam if they don’t want to choke on the fumes. There has been little intel to come out of the world, and most trade is conducted on five space stations that orbit the planet.

Word has reached our ears however of a war brewing on the surface of Gand between two powers that seek to control the misty fate of the Gand’s homeworld. What we know of their culture is one of warfare and superstition, and more importantly we believe their ways may be compatible with our own. An expedition is to land and make contact with one of the two parties in this war, gain their alliance and convert them to our cause by bringing them victory.

ASK | 2-3 Mandalorians

Mission 2

The reptilian Targonnians are ruled by a dictatorial government that enforces harsh measures on its people, high tax rates, and forced labor being among them. The people of Targonn are kept docile by their government through the use of savorium herbs, turning them into dimwitted slaves unable to find their revolutionary spirit.

We see a world in desperate need of liberation from the clutches of Arasuum and our Crusade will bring it, whether they wish for it or not. Using whatever means they deem necessary, our warriors will infiltrate the capital city, destroy the government’s savorium cache and assassinate the Forever-Dictator Kriig.

ASK | 2-3 Mandalorians

Mission 3

A lush and uninhabitable world, this jungle planet supposedly contains a miracle medicine, Bota. Preliminary research suggests that it has incredible healing properties, and some Clone Wars era records even suggest it can affect how the sorcerous Jedi touch the force. Our scouts have found evidence of a small harvest operation ongoing on the planet despite the world’s many dangers. We will have this operation and the Bota for the crusade.

The world is deadly, and this expedition is not to be taken lightly. The climate is characterized by frequent monsoons and devastating electrical storms. Temperatures soar and the air is thick enough to drink. Even the air is toxic, with spores that can easily cause death to the unprotected. This is a hazardous operation and warriors undertaking this mission are expected to be equipped to survive. Thermal undersuits, environmental protection suits, rebreathers and filters are all highly recommended if one wants to survive. A dangerous mission to test one’s courage, perhaps with great rewards if the harvest operation is claimed intact by our warriors.

ASK | 2-3 Mandalorians

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