Jedi Shadows


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Jedi Shadows

“Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view."

An organization steeped in mystery and secrecy, the Jedi Shadows have acted as the quiet enforcers of the Jedi's anti-Dark Side and covert operations for over a century. While the exact origin of the organization is unrecorded, most believe they were formed during the previous war with the Sith Empire in response to the success of the Sith Assassins. Their purpose was to counter the operations of this Dark Side sect by rooting out infiltrators, gathering intelligence, and hunting members of the Sith covert operations group.

With the fall of the Sith Empire, the role of the Shadows shifted, and their ranks briefly swelled as additional members were recruited in order to track artifacts and escaping Imperials, bringing them to justice or destroying them. However, as the Sith Empire faded from memory, so too did the old guard of the Shadows who fought in that last great war. With many of their stories going unrecorded in the archives of the Jedi, the Shadow's influence faded and those few who remained began to focus on other enemies of the Jedi.

As the galaxy now knows, this century of peace was not to last. With the re-emergence of the Sith Brotherhood, which later reformed into the Sith Empire, the need for a force of covert operators was rekindled and the ranks of the Shadows once more grew.

Set upon destroying the Empire, the members of the Shadows are unique in that their level of involvement can be variable. Some choose to act most often in a normal capacity as Knights unless called upon for a specialized operations, but most devote nearly their entire lives to undercover or covert operations. Regardless, each member undergoes a strict and difficult weed-out and training regimen where they learn expanded combat skills, security bypass, and other atypical skills to assist them with infiltrating enemy bases or even going fully undercover within enemy organizations.

Although the Shadows' numbers were bolstered under the supervision of the Jedi Council during the resurgence of the Sith Empire, many of them found their aggressive-leaning ideals to be more in line with the Jedi Army than the Jedi Order and its numbers were split between the two groups.

Because many of their actions aren't publicized or even recorded in the archives of the Jedi, there are only suspicions as to the number of men and women within the organization. Despite this, the impact of the Shadows has been felt throughout the war against the Sith Empire. One of their most notable recent operations was when a team of Shadows infiltrated Dark Lord Solum's fortress on Rhen Var in order to capture the Dark Lord and bring her back to the Jedi for justice. While the members of the team were not fully publicized, news of the exploit spread.

This time of prosperity soon came to an end with the power vacuum left behind by the destruction of Tython and the resignation of Lord Vosrik Tanari. The Shadows found themselves without leadership or direction and their potency was decreased, but they were not neglected for long.

Corvo Vis, the former Dark Lord of the Sith, now a Jedi Battlemaster, looked at the Shadow's potential and put his mind to recruiting for a more violent war against the Sith Empire. In retaliation for the Tython attack, the Shadows bombed a meeting of the Sith Empire's Moff Council, assassinating two Sith Lords, wounding the Emperor, and killing several other high ranking officials. With this success, Corvo began enlisting members of the Jedi and sending them out to do the deeds of the Jedi in ways that the Council would typically deem questionable.

In current days, the Shadows still operate though its existence is more of a rumor to other members of the Order and a name feared by the Sith. The Council, though aware of its presence and appreciative of the results the Shadow's obtain, tend to turn a blind eye to their deeds in favor of better outcomes for the galaxy as a whole.


The goal of this is to flesh out the history of a group that has been mentioned by members throughout numerous roleplays and establish as site canon their existence. The reason this is a site lore article rather than subfaction is because it will not be running specific missions independently within the Jedi Order but can add flavor to characters (somewhat comparable to how the Justicar's currently function). This article has already been given the thumbs up by @Wit prior to submission.


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This. Is. Amazing. And welcome, because, for some reason, the Jedi have been lacking for Lore. Would love to see this expanded as the concept evolves in-story. Approved.