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June 1st, 2021

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Hello there, it's a new month, so now we get a new newsletter! So here we are, the June 1st newsletter!

New Backgrounds

The forum now has four more backgrounds to choose from. Simply scroll to the bottom of the forum and click "SWRP" at the bottom left corner. A box that gives you an option to choose between backgrounds (skins) will pop up. I won't spoil what the backgrounds are in this post. I'll let everyone find out on their own to postpone the surprise a little longer! Enjoy!

If you aren't sure on how to change them, read here!

General Time Update
  • It is now 108 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 143 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

  • Escape from Mataou Event!
    • Dead Money has concluded! With the death of @Kamelle Skyler and the escape of @Laeonas Tannaras, the last of the adventurers has found their way out of the vault - one way or another.
    • Broken Steel is still on-going. The 'chosen' have fought their way past the armory intelligence's droids, but when the opportunity presented itself, IG-0R was destroyed. The droid X3R aims to get to chosen to instead act against a mysterious dataplague that would threaten to infest the armory before it's too late.
  • Hutt Ball event is under way!
    • Not in the action? Socialize here!
Story Spotlight


After @Tiamat and @Darth Asminys were captured in the aftermath of the battle of Byblos, they were subject to drugs, stun cuffs and the likes to hold them in the New Republic prisons, while Jedi such as @Alexandria Voran, @Sevrin Valtiere, and @Vahn Berand interrogated them at various points.

@Darth Stolas hired third-party agents to discover the prisoners' location, a group of individuals brought together by the 'fixer' @Kara Lok. They retrieved and sent off the information on the blacksite.

Although they were thought to be well-enough under lock and key and kept in a blacksite prison facility, even that wasn't good enough when @Darth Raze used the intel to triumphantly make his return back into the fray, aiming to rescue Tiamat. Darth Raze was healed of his blindness and didn't miss skipping a beat slaughtering his way through Ranger guards that attempted to stand in his way. @Pedee @Marasi and @Vizim also assisted him, with releasing prisoners as a distraction, making a scene in the hangar as a distraction, and gaining access to the prisons control center respectively.

Ranger Lts @Corran Velt lead Rangers @Darmus Onn and @Vera Coulter to intercept @Darth Raze and @Tiamat but the Rangers would find themselves outmatched and out maneuvered. Raze used Vera as a human shield with the force, caught her and ransomed her life at lightsaber point in exchange for leaving without further fighting. When the Rangers surrendered their weapons, Raze murdered her anyway, stabbing her in the heart. Although Vera was brave and left last words to inspire the other two. Jedi Knight @Vahn Berand was on the scene, but was prevented from interfering with @Vizim stopping him from the control center.

@Marasi had a squadron of troopers at her command and fought with @Draco Salem Virtus and @Klepti Uutkik. Marsai withdrew from the fight after @Draco Salem Virtus demonstrated exceptional tact and leadership to coordinate a successful defense. He was rewarded with a promotion for his bravery and quick thinking.

Meanwhile while all this was going on, the legless Sith Lord @Darth Asminys managed to take advantage of the confusion and chaos to escape the facility, powering through his restraints and his sheer determination to escape carrying them through out the doors of the facility unnoticed before it was too late.

In the end, both Tiamat and Darth Asminys have escaped and the Sith are more whole again.

Evacuation of Utapau

The AMS pandemic, although it has brought death and disease all across the galaxy, has it some planets harder. One of these planets is Utapau, where AMS originated from previously before it starting sweeping across the galaxy, as it stood right now the planet is his the worst by the disease, with almost 99% of the population infected, leaving just mere holdouts of survivors left.

One Sector Ranger, Lt. @Corran Velt is leading a huge undertaking to evacuate the rest of them. With an assorted fleet and many volunteers, they are right now doing all they can to get the inhabitants to safety. If this works, they can save its native species the Pau'an and and Utai from totally dying out.

Who did Corran bring along with him? @Dusty Desperado @Rylee Asuchi @Draco Salem Virtus @Bast Emblai @Trys Aran @Sakas Zareen @Poet Severino @Zad Ruzed @Rhax ra. @Kalen Ultor from the ISC Rangers is also assisting as is @Newton Arden from Blackwell Tech, both of them providing droids.

State of the Galaxy

The AMS Outbreak

MorataCorp, headed by Outer Rim physician @Dr Ilana Morata, having applied to the cause and experienced dealing with this virus before. Tasked with a vaccine to rid the galaxy of this disease, MorataCorp announced in a private forum that initial trials for the vaccine with nonsentient test subjects was proven successful, however came the tricky question; how to approach sentient test subjects? One solution was to use life-sentence prisoners, or prisoners of war. However, a third option has come to light; that of using cloned tissues, without the security risk of enhancing Sith prisoners or the plausible aftermath of abuse against life-sentence prisoners.

And with a deal by Dr. Morata and the ISC President himself, the main base of operations for the anti-AMS efforts will be based on Thyferra and will assist with investments and providing other required material such as specimens.

As a result, MC, with the aid of the ISC, is beginning to look into a race originally known for its' cloning expertise, the elusive planet Kamino, to aid in this trying time. With the pending debate of sentient trial and a possible answer close at hand, might there be a vaccine to begin to curb this dreadful virus?

Nal Hutta: 41% infected
Rorak 4: 76% infected
Nar Shaddaa: 66% infected
Toydaria: 56% infected
Tol Amn: 97% infected
Keldooine: 88% infected
Kwenn: 23% infected
Irith: 74% infected
Nixor: 97% infected
Randon: 69% infected
Ruusan: 35% infected
Ubrikkia: 94% infected
New Apsolon: 88% infected
Deysum III: 97% infected
Coachelle Prime: 48% infected
Utapau: 98% Infected
Bothawui: 23% Infected
Kashyyyk: 27% infected

Even with MortaCorp on the job, AMS is still spreading through out the galaxy, but due to caution, awareness, and efforts to combat the pandemic the grown has been shown to be slowing down. The virus has still increased hold over the hotspots it has already had its hold over and still many continue to have their lives claimed by the virus. Although still, there is hope on the horizon yet...

The Jedi

The Jedi Order found itself reinvigorated after the attack on Sullust. @Sevrin Valtiere @Hannibal Grayza, along with @Zathria @Isen Ramm @Vahn Berand @Drow Venn and @Vako Yizok managed to eliminated Darth Vyrassu, Sith Sorceress and Sith Council member. This marked a major blow against the Sith Order and a decisive victory for the Jedi. The death of the Sith Lord opened the door for a full scale rebellion that saw the Sith capital wrenched from Sith grasp.

Under the leadership of @Soren Rel Jedi have also began expanding their influence. The Jedi have begun scoping out the forest moon of Endor as a possible location for a Jedi outpost. Efforts to work with the local Ewoks, assimilate with the local fauna, and clear the sector of hostiles are already underway.

At the behest of @Zathria , many Jedi have begun to turn their attention from battling the Sith to healing civilians affected by the war. Efforts to acquire and crew a medical frigate to provide relief to worlds torn by AMS and war is currently underway.

Despite efforts to combat Sith and help civilians, the Jedi have not neglected their own self care. @Aronas Vicar has to educate and refresh his fellow Jedi on the fundamentals and prepare them for the hazards of the galaxy.

The Sith

There is now a new pecking order within the Sith. What was supposed to be a fun ball took a very... unexpected turn. At the Imperial Ball hosted by @Darth Malicia on Dromund Kaas, there were sights and sounds. When @Darth Stolas took slight towards remarks made by Darth Malicia, he challenged the Sith Councilor to Arauk'kesh, which would be a duel between the two for supremacy. The line was drawn in the sand, but Malicia didn't respond. Stolas used the force and cast her from her throne as she silently surrendered before his challenge. WIth this, Stolas has taken Malica's position on the Sith Council along with her realms. His first act of business was ordering her cult to be exterminated with extreme prejudice. By the end of the day the throne room was laden with blood and dead bodies as the Sith followed Stolas' command and and began wiping out the cultists still loyal to their Goddess. Darth Malica would remain alive, but stripped of her title, and reduced to being "no better than a slave. Once your last iota of use is gone you won't be worth even that much." said Darth Stolas.

That's not all to change the landscape of the Sith, as @Darth Andruil let the Order know well of her ambitions to take the fallen @Darth Vyrassu's seat from the Sith Council, filling in her role as the arcane force specialist. She made an open challenge, daring anyone who disagreed to step forward. But instead was met with support, even receiving another Councilor's backing in newly ascended Darth Stolas. With that, Darth Andruil now stands as a part of the Eternal's Sith Council.

More efforts to eliminate the rest of Malica's cult are underway, particularly an effort to eliminate Swokes Swokes Dark Shaman who fell under the influence of the dark side, using foul Sith sorcery to bring the dead to life.

In the meantime, the Sith are pulling the gears on expansion again, looking to go west towards a trio of industrial worlds, so they can further the Sith sphere of influence and put their facilities to work in the service of the Order's war machine.

Five Syndicates

The Five Syndicates have been pretty passive in galactic affairs as of late. @Salvatore Russo is actively leading a series of missions to form a potent labor force using labor unions to do so and using various methods to bolster them into being a effective and profitable work-force. "They will strike for their union. They will fight for their union. And...they pay dues to their union. Whoever controls the unions has a following that literally pay them to be told what to do. Now that's a great business model." It is mostly complete.

It remains to be seen what future plans the Five Syndicates might have though, there is always plenty of opportunity to expand their profits and meddle in the main conflict and elsewhere...

Sector Rangers

The fight with the Eclipse still goes on, only time will tell when that will end, and what the end result will be.

The prison break on Byblos was a big setback for the Rangers, as it effectively nullifies any gains from the ill-fated Sith invasion a while back. Still, the prison break landed Lt. Velt in hot water, as a Chief @Douglas Hudson saw it as embarrassing that a legless Sith Lord managed to escape.

Although the Chief was willing to promote Velt to Captain, with a caveat, Corran refused for noble reasons, wanting to achieve the rank with his own merit. Although in the end, Douglas declared that Corran can't advance through the ranks now unless he captures a Sith Lord or another figure from the other that's more valuable to 'replace the one he lost'. A very tall order indeed, perhaps too tall.

This comes despite all the good work Corran has done in his career thus far, even recently he successfully led the Sector Rangers to obtain a Quasar Fire II-class Bulk Cruiser for them, called Lighthouse. The first thing they did with it was celebrate with drinks.

Independent Systems Consortium

The ISC President Emryc Thorne has formally announced the formation of the ISC Rangers in a holonet address at the site of a ISC training facility "I pledge to bolster our Ranger forces by investing in specialized training to help protect our borders and against threats of Force users. I pledge to push our Rangers to be the most elite police force in the galaxy and work in conjunction with a united military force that I hope to stand up at once.
I pledge to protect our citizens, their families and their principles. I pledge to return stronger than ever and empower the ISC to eliminate the stigmas of planets being considered backwater or lesser. I pledge to let them know that they too have a voice"

The newly formed ISC Rangers are already busy, with one helping out the FWA and Republic Rangers on Utapau, dispatching criminals on Attahox to secure medical supplies, and working with ISC Governors and Diplomats to bring more willing planets into the fold.

Overall the ISC has been prospering, it's deals with Blackwell and investments with MortaCorp have brought the credits into ISC space. This overall makes the ISC even more attractive in the eyes of un-aligned worlds, who will be more than willing to flock to the ISC. More worlds in the Republic and Free Worlds are looking to join what has shown itself to be an effective system of government, even officials from Coruscant itself is weigh the possibility of joining..

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