Tabloid Korda Six Destroyed | Galactic Bananas Shortage Ensues

Trenton Reed


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The Good Doctor
May 1, 2023
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HANNA CITY, Chandrila — The Leeks at the Hyperlane Herald are now reporting to you that after the total bombardment of Korda Six - the homeworld of the simian Kordan species - that there economists have are now signaling alarm over the impending shortage of Kordan Bananas. Although the planet was made up of primitive and tribal Kordans, Kordan Bananas were a hot export from an otherwise unknown world, and they were vital to the food supply of quite a few barren planets in the Outer Rim.

We have interviewed a few people for their reactions on this matter.

"This is a catastrophe! Where are we going to get our bananas now?""I hoped this day would never come..." *sobs* "Oh no. No more bananas now..."

Economists predict that in years, the value of the endangered Kordan banana - that were on other worlds at the time - will raise to be in the thousand credit range per banana as they will now be a collectors item similar to the Ale from the original Alderaan. Agricultural worlds such as Chandrila and Tannab have stated that they are tripling food production in order to make up for the devastating loss of the bananas that will severely damage the galaxy's food security.

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