Major Marcus Tuain

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Jul 9, 2009
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The Alsakan
"I am Marcus Tuain, and I have one goal in my mind and that is destroying the republic, and brining an end to the Jedi order. I know this might make me sound crazy, but I won't stop until I avenge the death of my family, and the destruction of my planet."

I was born 43 years ago on the planet of Alsaka. The peaceful republican planet that was one of the founder planets of the republic in the core worlds, or at least it was before the Alsakan crisis started. I will get to that later, but first let me tell you a little bit about myself, and how this crisis changed me completely. From a young brat boy who loved peace to a stubborn avenger who only seeks the destruction of the republic, and the Jedi order.

Alright I was born to parents who served the Alsakan union forces. Both of my parents were soldiers, and both of them were killed by those filthy republic soldiers who knew nothing other than killing people, and destroying the nature. But I was old enough to join the military myself on the day they died. Of course not mentioning all the stuff they had taught to me before they died. They taught me how to use weapon, fly ships, and to survive. Indeed I was good at this stuff by nature just like my parents were. So I signed up for the Alskan military, and joined up with the rest of my brothers in their crusade against the evil and greedy republic.

I was still young at that time, and I completely looked innocent. Especially with my long blonde hair, my blue eyes, and my pale skin which was soon ruined by the scars of war. Indeed I have spent some hard time fighting the republic, but I enjoyed my job. Beside I knew well that I was doing all of that for my people, and for the well of Shalharra.I fought bravely along with the other soldiers, and gladly we were winning, and we took over Coruscant. But well things did not go that well especially after those filthy Jedi killed our Vicar. And that is the reason my hatred to the Jedi is just equal to my hatred toward the republic. Both factions are made of greedy soldiers, and war criminals that kill families, and destroy nature.

However that was not everything, after that we started losing the war, and I watched my friends dying left, and right. Indeed the republic was winning, and that was all due to the bad military decisions that were made. But still I did not give up hope not even after the tragedy losses that the Alsakans faced, but oh well it was obvious to everyone that we were going to fall down. And indeed that is what happened. After my people signed an unconditional treaty with the republic the republic destroyed our peaceful planet. However I was one of the surviving Alsakans.

I took a small ship, and in it I had some province with me along with two blasters, a rifle, and my father's military blade. I traveled for so long from here, and there not having a home to go to. And of course that was all to be blamed on the republic for destroying my home planet, and killing my family. However I was gladly able to survive through stealing and working as a mercenary for quit awhile. I was also known among everyone I worked with by the Alskan. That was indeed the name that everyone called me with. And my nature completely changed from the young naive dreaming boy to a cold cunning tactician who was full of hate, and anger for what has happened to his people

However I knew well that now was the right time to act especially seeing that the republic has gotten into another war with some other greedy creatures known as the Hutts. I knew well that now was the chance to gather the surviving Alskans, and all those who supported the Alskans and launch a crusade against the republic, and the Jedi. I know that my goal may sound laughable, and maybe even crazy, but I won’t stop until I avenge people, and build them a new home , and of course not mentioning following the well of my precious goddess SHALHARRA. For SHALHARRA also I will be working with those Hutts till my revenge is served.

Other gears that he was seen using: Energy shield, mini repeater slug thrower, grenade launcher, Smoke and exploding grenades,vibro blade, and a sniper rifle that fires untraceable bullets along with a mid size armor.


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Regardless of however I try to pronounce the name, I always see 'Mark Twain'.