Independent Mallory San Marca


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Feb 24, 2015
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Mallory San Marca was an independent Force user who was alive during the Force Eternal Era. A child of Empress Teta, Mallory abandoned her homeworld rather abruptly at a young age to pursue esoteric studies of the force under a mysterious Arcanist. Mallory spent decades of her life in the mastery of these studies, traveling uncounted light-years across the width and breadth of the galaxy to satisfy an unending thirst for hidden knowledge.

The skills and powers that Mallory grew to possess came neither easily nor cheaply. Mallory walked neither the stoic and contemplative path of the Jedi, nor the quick and violent road of the Sith. Hardship and sacrifice were the toll to be paid to walk the winding way of hidden knowledge, with dogged perseverance and studious toil the method of conveyance along that twisting and turning path.

Personality & Traits

She has one probably.

Equipment & Assets

Mallory's Droid Managerie

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