March 2018 Newsletter

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SWRP Newsletter #03:

March 22nd, 2018

Site Changes & Updates · Current Story Updates · Completed Player Plots · Important IC News
Greetings again for the third month in a row, fellow SWRPers! This months newsletter includes a couple very important and exciting rule changes. Plots are still running with a diversity of stories and opportunities, including the Alderaan Event which involves all of the factions. There have been some major progression in the sites overall story, which will be reviewed in this newsletter along with everything else mentioned.
Site Changes & Updates

We've had a lot of feedback from members on pvp and opens on this site. We had a couple suggestions and we'll be implementing one of those going forward. Henceforth, ALL Open threads will be Death Disabled by default. If you'd like pvp in your thread, or perhaps it's an espionage plot/other plot that may require opposition, you will have to use the [PVP] tag we'll be introducing for your threads when you post the OP. Otherwise, all open threads, even if pvp happens, will be death disabled without the chance of character loss. You may not switch your Open to a PVP tag once it's posted unless all parties in the thread agree to it.

If you are in a NON-PVP marked Open, captures are possible only if the player of the character being captured agrees to it. By default, no one can forcefully capture a char, even if they are KO'd, from a NON-PVP thread.

AS A REMINDER, LEVEL TWO(2) CHARACTERS ARE KNOWN BY ALL CHARACTERS IN THEIR FACTION AND LEVEL THREE(3) CHARACTERS ARE KNOWN THROUGHOUT ALL FACTIONS. Please keep this in mind while your character is in a thread with a level two(2) or level three(3) character.

We have new rules concerning the use of Force ghosts in the RP. Please familiarize yourself with these rules. The ability to become a Force spirit (or Force ghost) was a means of achieving immortality obtained by certain Force-users by learning to preserve their consciousness within the Cosmic Force after their deaths. The ability was extremely rare, and considered a mere myth by most. It was unique only to those who used the light side of the Force. The ability to become a Force spirit was conferred upon those strong in the light side of the Force who died selflessly or with love in their heart. Doing so, combined with a strong enough connection to the Force, allowed one to retain their consciousness after death. Their body would vanish, leaving their clothing behind, and transform into the Cosmic Force. Please see this thread in the lore section for more details on how to become a force ghost.


As our site continues to grow and evolve, we have been noticing the need to add another member to our site administration. Particularly, the need fell to the area of story and plots. Therefore, it is our great pleasure to announce that @Insalius will be joining the admin team as a Plot/Story Admin! Insal has been a key member of the plot team — we've all enjoyed working with him — and we wish him luck in continuing in the capacity as an admin @Sreeya and @Malon also remain points-of-contact for anything regarding site Story and Plots, and our hard-working plot mods @Deviant and @Valen Pelora remain active and are helpful in matters regarding the plot boards as well! Please join us in welcoming Insal to the team!

Current Story Updates

General Time Update
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

PVP Updates

Plot and Events Updates
  • There are currently 62 plots underway
  • Four (4) plots have been completed
  • The Alderaan Event, for all factions, is underway!


Completed Player Plots

The Alderaanian Connection
Having found a potentially highly paying job, motivated “independent shipping facilitator” Allard Keever entered into a business relationship with fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs Daesh'afenn and Isabelle Drake in order to “liberate” valuable supplies for re-sale. After having obtained a ship that could facilitate their objective from a particularly vigilant pirate gang, the motley team managed to obtain and sell their supplies for a tidy profit.

Best Kept Secrets
Seeking the knowledge of the dark side of the Force, Alais Drast travels to Illum with Evalyn Dan'ela. In the course of their stay on the planet, the two encounter a variety of dark side abominations. The encounters not only serve to enlighten them on the nature of the dark side, but also on what the Jedi have been hiding on the former sacred world of Ilum following the tragedy there a year prior. However, rather than being horrified, Alais merely becomes interested in the creation of abominations of her own...

Councilor Dan'ela
After the destruction of the Ossus Jedi temple, and the vanquishing of Riaca Erach, Jedi Master Evalyn Dan'ela attended a memorial for all of the fallen Jedi, where the young Jedi Knight Imani Sage proposed that she replace Erach on the High Council. After gaining the support of other Jedi gathered, Dan'ela approached the Jedi High Council about joining their ranks.

The Council heavily grilled Dan'ela for her connection to the fallen Alias Drast (now Andraste), her quick temper, and her feud with fellow Jedi Master Wyck. However, ultimate, the Jedi Grand Master, Cadef Sige, shut down the questioning and personally knighted Dan'ela as a member of the High Council, thereby filling one of the Council's two vacant seats.

Missing Youngling
While patrolling the planet Ossus, Jedi Knights Ralaa Talus and Anu encounter an unknown Jedi Exile who manages to capture a Jedi youngling. Feeling the loss deeply, Ralaa meets with fellow Jedi Knight Liam Valros who sets her on the path to finding the Exile. After teaming up with an unexpected ally on Coruscant and Zeltros, Ralaa finally manages to track the Exile down on Naboo, defeat him, and retrieve the missing youngling.

Important IC News

State of the Jedi Order

Battle of Telos

Jedi have suffered some heavy losses and attacks. The Battle of Telos kicked off a series of assaults on Jedi assets. It was led by an Exile known simply as The Eternal. The Exiles succeeded in their attack, and the Jedi suffered heavy casualties during the assault. Most prominently, Jedi Master Nora Grazioso valiantly fought against Exile Master Kal Vox, but ultimately fell in battle. This was a huge blow to the Jedi Order. However, not all was hopeless for the Jedi as two Exiles were captured during the process. The Doctor and Anæus Pellaxus Vargam are currently both under Jedi custody. They are being interrogated to hopefully yield information that will be useful to the Jedi in order to strike back against the Jedi Exiles.

Battle of Ryloth and an Addition to the Jedi Council
A surprise attack on Ryloth by the Warlord Satara Demeka brought members of the Jedi Order rushing to the rescue of the Twi'leks. Led by Jedi Master Evalyn Dan'ela, the Jedi successfully drove back the Exile attack force and slew the Warlord in combat—a stunning reversal after the Jedi losses on Devaron and Ossus.

In the aftermath of this victory, combined with the loss of Jedi Master Riaca Erach following the attack on Ossus, a meeting of the Jedi High Council and the funeral of those Jedi who died during the battle resulted in Master Dan'ela's appointment to the Jedi Council. Though the Council's deliberations were at times tense, eventually the Grand Master, Cadef Sige, stepped in to stop the questioning and proclaimed Dan'ela a Jedi Council member himself. With her addition, the Council has made strides to filling its two vacancies following the losses of Master Erach and Vao.

Loss of the Ossus temple

There was massive attack on the Jedi temple on Ossus. This was a surprise assault led by a strike team of Exiles that occurred while the Jedi's best and brightest were lured away to an attack on Ryloth. As a result, only one councilor was present to defend the temple along with a small number of brave Jedi willing to stand up against the powerful Exiles that led the strike. Ultimately, the strike was successful. Jedi Councilor Riaca Erach was brutally tortured by the Exiles leading the attack and was stripped of the Force. She was also subjected to the same branding of the word JEDI on her face that Jedi Master Nora had once suffered. Riaca was left alive, but she stands vigilant as ever, though she can no longer serve in her position as Jedi Councilor.

State of the Jedi Exiles

Battle of Telos

The battle of Telos was a successful assault ordered by the mysterious Exile known simply as The Eternal. Multiple strikes were reported throughout Telos including a Jedi academy and an orbital Jedi station. The attacks in the academy were successful as Exile Master Siris and Exile Apprentice Poot successfully took control of the Jedi Academy after defeating the Jedi that stood in their way. Additionally Exile Apprentice Rallic Nom and Exile Apprentice Camila Shan also succeeded in driving back their Jedi enemies to take control of the Jedi Academy roof. As a result, the Exiles successfully took control of the academy and were able to loot anything of value.

The strike proved to be sudden and abrupt, and curiously enough, the Exile forces pulled back despite the success of the attack. As a result, the Jedi failed to gain any clues on the identity of The Eternal or who launched the attack. This has made it difficult to predict when or where he or she will strike next, and the Exiles remain a largely mysterious group to the Jedi.

Unfortunately for the Exiles, two of their own were captured during the attack. They are currently imprisoned and in the process of being interrogated for answers that may aid the Jedi in their fight. There have been rumors of a rescue party, though whether this comes to fruition remains to be seen.

Attack on Ossus Temple and Rise of a New Warlord

While the leaders among the Jedi Order were lured away to help defend against the attacks on Ryloth, a sinister plan was hatched by Alais Drast to lead a strike team to attack the Jedi Ossus temple. She had received intel that Jedi Masters most likely to defend the temple were away fighting against Warlord Satara. As a result, Alais was able to lead the attack on the Ossus temple with the help of Warlord Essia Contaris and a number of other Exiles. They were met with limited resistance, with the only councilor present being Riaca Erach.

After defeating the Jedi resistance at the temple, Alais proceeded to make a mockery of the trial that saw her exiled by the Jedi Order. She ordered to have Councilor Erach stripped of the Force. With the aid of Essia and Kal Vox, she was able to tear the Force away from the long time Jedi Councilor that had relied almost entirely on the Force. Not satisfied with this horrendous act alone, Alais also carved the word ‘JEDI’ across the councilor’s face similar to what she had done to Jedi Master Nora. She purposely left the Councilor alive to make an example of her.

Following the act, Alais shed her Jedi name and took on the name Andraste and declared herself Warlord. Those that helped her lead the attack swore their loyalty to her and supported her claim, including Warlord Contaris. This act cemented Andraste as a significant leader within the faction. Following the rallying, Andraste proceeded to lay the temple to waste with the help of her fellow Exiles.

Nothing but rubble and ruins remain of the once grand and proud Ossus Jedi temple.

Battle of Ryloth
Having pulled to herself a handful of Exile Masters and Apprentices, Warlord Satara Demeka made herself known to the Jedi in the streets of Ryloth, shamelessly offering challenge while standing amongst the Twi’leki people.

The bold move that displayed her fearlessness ultimately proved to be her undoing. Her challenge was met in force by the Jedi Order who had been seeking the Warlord for some time. In a battle between between Masters, the Jedi, led by Master Dan’ela, slew Warlord Demeka in a most violent fashion, leaving little left for identification. While her death has left a hole to be filled by the Exiles, even now there is new potential born: in the throes of death, the Warlord caught glimpses in the Force of a far more nefarious terror that would rise in her place and light fire to the galaxy.

Dark Dxun Diplomacy

The Exiles scored a two-pronged success on Dxun, one of the moons of Onderon. A group of the Dark-siders met with Lord Arien Nomar of House Nomar, securing an alliance between the two factions as they look towards gaining political power in the chaos of the Onderonian Monarchy. Outside in the jungles another group of Exiles managed to stun and capture a herd of Boma, including their Alpha packleader, and brought them back to start training them as warbeasts. These events combined have created a significant forward presence in Onderon space for the practicioners of the Dark Side.

Condemnation of the Jedi Academy on Telos
Story by:

Mason Eldrydge​

Mason: Folks, we've got some unfortunate news to report today. It appears that the Exiles have developed a weapon of mass destruction, unleashing it on the unknowing Jedi in the Telos Jedi Academy. I'm on site in the strongest hazmat suit that the network can buy and it is just pure desolation out here.

*Mason and his camera crew walk down one of the halls of the Jedi Academy, any paint or non-metal covering having been eaten away. He passes the body of a slain Jedi, hands grasping at his neck and face twisted in unimaginable pain*

Mason: It appears to be some kind of chemical weapon, a gas that seems to suck the very will to live from anyone that inhales it. I'm getting a message from the network, it looks like we have managed to obtain a video capture of the living host of this gaseous agent. Behold, viewers, the face of terror!


Mason: Shocking. I hope you put the children to bed because this is the stuff of nightmares. I won't be able to sleep for a week. I've been told that the entire temple is to be burned, demolished, burned again, then eventually rebuilt with every brick of the reconstruction being blessed by a Jedi Councilor. This story is unverified but it's GOT to be true.

*One of the cameramen screams as a wandering cloud of gas rushes at him from the end of the corridor, surrounding him in a second in its sickening tendrils. He grasps at his neck, face bulging for a moment before his very skin starts to wither and crack*


Mason: It's still here!? They told me it was gone! Run! Oh gods, it's eating through my suit! Wait, it's only made for painting!? You sons of bit-*Feed lost*

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