Artifact Master Sabla-Mandibu's Holocron


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Apr 14, 2020
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Sabla-Mandibu served the Jedi Order as a seer and as a Jedi Consular Master during the New Sith Wars. She is renowned as one of the most influential Jedi in history in large part to writing several chapters of the Temple guidebook titled, The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force. Master Mandibu was an expert at analyzing holocrons, and this is the only holocron known to date that was created by Master Mandibu. The opening of this holocron also requires a specific memory crystal and electrostatic charge from a living segment of a Lightning Tree.


Master Mandibu's holocron bridges the gap between natural flora and the sentient through the Force. Master Mandibu provides several "chapters" teaching the Jedi learner the nature of the Force as it applies to plants. The learner must complete each chapter before gaining entrance to the next. The holocron culminates with a final chapter of Master Mandibu teaching the learner how to master the skill Consitor Sato, or more commonly known as the "Plant Surge" Force Power.

Chapter 1: The Nature of Plants and the Force - This chapter gives a detailed bug digestible background in botany. It also discusses how the Force manifests itself in plant life.
Chapter 2: On Affecting Flora - This chapter teaches the Jedi learner how and why plants change when their natural form or growth is manipulated by sentients.
Chapter 3: The Force and Tamed Plants - Master Mandibu explains how plants that have been "tamed" will interact with Force users. She explains that she uses the term "tamed" in much the same way that animals are tamed. Plants become more docile to the Force and are more easily bred for specialized sentient use. However, she explains how such "taming" through pruning, gardening, or growing through greenhouses affects the plants' self-resilience and independence. She discusses both the positives and the negatives of that loss.
Chapter 4: The Force and the Wild - In this chapter, Master Mandibu explains why using the Force is more difficult with plants in their natural state in their own ecosystem. However, Master Mandibu explains that drawback comes with greater reward once the Force connection to the natural flora has been made.
Chapter 5: Consitor Sato - The Jedi learner will be taught Consitor Sato by one of the most proficient users of the skill in the history of the Jedi Order. The Jedi Master teaches multiple methods to successfully use the skill. According to Master Mandibu, she never met a Jedi that could not learn Consitor Sato with at least one of the methods provided.


1. To provide the Jedi Order with a mission pack to gather the holocron and the items necessary to open it.
2. To give Isen Ramm an arc that results in a skill I want him to learn.
3. To provide depth to the Pilgrim's Point, a site lore location.