May 2019 Newsletter

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Nov 28, 2010
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May 31st, 2019

Site Changes & Information · Current Story Updates · Completed Player Plots · Important IC News


Site Changes & Information

Profile Section Changes

Approved character profiles will now be moved to the new Approved Profiles forum. This will make it easier to keep track of pending and new profiles.

You can now bump your pending character profiles once you've made the requested edits and five days have passed since the last mod post. To bump your profile you simply tag the profile mods and myself (@Logan @Wit @Dread), letting us know you've done the edits.

This does not mean you can PM or harass staff, bumps are only to be made in the pending character profile.

SWRP Survey

We, the staff team, really want to identify areas where we can improve our mechanics and processes. We can't do this without your help. Staff doesn't have everything figured out, and we can't tell what works/what doesn't work without you, the members, helping shape that.

We invite you to take this survey and provide your honest answers and feedback. This survey will be completely anonymous, so I strongly encourage you to participate. The more feedback we get, the more data we can collect to help make changes.

Update Regarding PVP Reporting

There is a small change in regards to reporting pvp posts. Please see the first post here for a template to use when submitting PvP reports from now on. Failure to do so will result in the report being rejected out of hand. Thanks!

New Staff Members

@Logan has been promoted to Lore Admin! He will be supporting Arc in reviewing and approving lore. He will also be helping support us in other areas of staff - mainly around pvp rulings, story building, etc.

One of the critical things that came out of the survey is less pvp focus and more story. Well guess what? We're going to be doing exactly that. We'll have plenty of story opportunities and new mechanics coming up. In order to help support that, please welcome our new THREE plot moderators:


All three will be helping with DMing/looking at plots, etc. There will be more exciting announcements to come, so stay tuned!

Current Story Updates

General Time Update
  • It has been 500 years since the Battle of Coruscant (ABC)
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

PVP Updates

Wins and Losses
(CPvP NOT included)

PLEASE NOTE: If you did not report your kill, capture or knockout in the Newsletter Submissions thread it may be missing from this months newsletter.

These characters are now Level 2:

  1. @Tyler Ward
  2. @Arda Breaux
  3. @Zan and Drali
These characters are now Level 3:
  1. @Koil Solus
  2. @Ner Giza
  3. @The Confessor
  4. @Varyn Rask
These characters have ranked up:
  1. @Milo Vemec Drast ranked up to Sith Lord!
  2. @Zeven Visz ranked up to Sith Lord!
  3. @Talik Kru ranked up to Jedi Padawan!
  4. @Alexander Ayers ranked up to Jed Knight!
  5. @Arda Breaux ranked up to Jedi Grandmaster!
  6. @Robert Abbotangelo ranked up to Imperial Overseer!
  7. @Zan and Drali ranked up to Sith Crusader!
  8. @Markov Aletaus ranked up to Sith Crusader!
  9. @Taalong Vorr ranked up to Sith Crusader!
  10. @Kaye Antares ranked up to Sith Crusader!
  11. @Sarla Malvern ranked up to Sith Crusader!
  12. @Dax Vizsla ranked up to Supercommando!
  13. @Reyna Solus ranked up to Supercommando!

If your character was missed please send a PM to @Dread and she'll add it!

Plot and Events Updates


Completed Player Plots

Hello, Ithor Me You're Looking For?
The Jedi were successful in capturing poachers for the Ithorians.

The Fallen Blade
Darth Victress located and obtaind the ancient Sith Artifact known as the Fallen Blade.

The Dealer and The Reaper
Taalong Vorr located cult, stole a Nightsweeper Star Yacht from them which he utilized to destroy the cult, and returned to Tagus where he was named his apprentice.

Bursting With Compassion
The mandalorians observed and followed the arms dealers to their compound. There the arms dealers were assailed by an opportunist who killed the criminals. The mandalorians did not let it go to waist and killed the pirates and left the scene to make it look like a deal gone south for the local authorities to bring the remaining associates to justice elsewhere still allowing Dax and Koil to earn their work's worth.

Market Value
Elix to sell Blackwell Independent Technologies (BIT - PC Faction) the schematics for the Dart Pistol

Mrs Pink
Dani Kortex Located a pirate base.

Kicking Things Off
Entering Edusa space Zandrali and Sarla take out patroling pirates. They assualt the asteroid pirate base and take control of it, taking the contents of the base for themselves in the form of quickdraw blaster pistols.

Aces' Oasis
Taking over the gambling world of Boonta, exploring the rural parts of Saleucami and taking out the parasitic criminals in the associated systems Zandrali has coordinated a successful opperation for adding Saleucami, Boonta and other planets in S-8 galactic square despite only beginning as an acolyte.

A Dance with Dragons
Milo and Aadya killed a dragon and stole 2 eggs, one for each of them.

The Reign of Fire
Sith forces resoundingly succeeded in taking the unsuspecting world of Lothal.

Fishing Trip
Sith control of Mon Cala

Mustafar From Home
The Empire took Mustafar peacefully and built a Sith temple on it.

Go For The Spine
Hope to bring part of the Corellian Trade Spine under Imperial control, specifically Bestine, Kelada, Devaron, Chasin and Foless, linking to the existing Imperial territory.

Choke 'Em Out
Boz Pity and Nimban were pulled into the Empire's control.

Important IC News

State of the Galactic Alliance

Hugo Ion has disappeared, perhaps in light his recent woes in addition to woes the Galatic Alliance has suffered as of late. He adds himself to the list of the top GA brass who also left for their own reasons or desserted entirely. Even so, his hard work in the past hasn't gone unappreciated. Despite the hardships, the Fires of Rebellion in the Galactic Alliance have not died yet; Jedi Master @Arda Breaux is taking the reigns of leadership

The GA are working to incorporate Bothawai into their fold as well as Sullust. The GA has also launched raids on Sith locations on Kubindi, Klatooine and Formos. Although Klatooine was foiled before it even began, the Rebels are still fighting hard on Kubindi and Formos.

State of the Sith Empire

The Empire is showing growth in reclaiming planet's they've lost during the reunification, while expanding into other neutral-owned worlds as well. @Aadya Drast lead the effort to retake Boz Pity and Nimban. @Zandrali oversaw Salucami and Boonta being incorporated into the Empire's fold. Mustafar also belongs to the Empire thanks to @Darth Parox 's leadership. @Darth Tagus worked to gain planets along the Corelian trade-spine back into the Empire.

Even though the Sith have lost Corellia under @Darth Victress ' supervision, the Sith Empire is determined to fight off the Mandalorian invaders at Kuat. In addition the Sith are now turning their attention to attack the Mandalorians again instead of being purely on the defensive, with newly-titled Darth Parox has launched an assault on the Mandalorians contesting control over Kessel.

State of the Mandalorians

After the Mandalorian engine took a rest, it kicked right into gear again. With @Rud Solus plans and @Leandros Solus' commanding the troops, the Mandalorians had launched an assault on Corellia. The Sith defenders fought well, but in the end the Mandalorians defeated the Sith in all their engagements against the unified Empire. The Mandalorian's have finally breached the Core Worlds and added a major ship producing planet to their fold.

The Mandalorian assault didn't end there, as the Mandalorians are now contesting control of Kuat. If the Mandalorians manage to gain control of Kuat they will have two major fleet producing planets.

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