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Apr 23, 2018
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Nero Agrippa


► 29
► Human
► 6ft
► 190lbs
► Green
► Dark Brown
► Corellia
► Male
► Five Syndicates
► Scoundrel
► No
Born on Corellia, Nero was the product of a tough upbringing. Loosing his mother shortly after he was born from his fathers gang related rivals and having a semi successful mob dad who would beat him because there wasn't enough ice in his drink. It took years before Nero got the full story of what happened to his mother and it was nothing but tough love with his father. Though he was fortunate his older brother Tacitus was around to help "take the weight" of some of the hundred of beatings they both recieved from their old man. Ruling with a iron fist but financially giving them whatever they wanted. It was a odd relationship but it was all they knew of care.

Nero spent most of his childhood by throwing his hand into ones face..or vica versa. It was all just a mix of drinking at a young age, constant battering of bones and bruises. He always managed to find himself in trouble. Most times he was looking for it but if he never had bad luck he'd have no luck at all with confrontation. Nero was the kind of person who'd punch you in your ugly karkin' face before he'd say something back. As much as his older brother Tacitus managed to bail him out of many quarrels, he also would watch Nero beat the kark out of others or get the kark beat out of himself if he deserved it. The brothers spent most of their time fighting at the Docks in Corellia. Nero went for the pleasure of a good fist fight, his brother the credits.

Nero was only ever good at 3 things in his rollercoaster life. Make a good fight, make a strong drink and make good love. Those three things ended up making him find Bri Valentia working at the bar down the block where he grew up. It didn't take long before the pair flung together naturally. After being a hired gun alongside his brothers bodyguard business over the years, It seemed the Bri became a partner to both the brothers..In everyway mutually. And so they stayed together wherever they want. Even though Tacitus was the brains and brawn, Nero usually kept to the brawn and let Tacitus think of his buisness schemes while Bri joined the pair for her own pleasure and gain.

Nero is usually a violent person. He does have some patience though its very thin. His hard up bringing gave him the scar of solving most conflict with brute force. His muscular shape and mean look usually never helped either as it also got Nero into a lot of fights out of pure joy. In public he is kept to himself. Quiet usually but after a night of drinking it starts to show his violent side. Though he'd never hit Bri or anyone close to him..besides his brother..He usually is well kept to himself unless provoked. He got much of his anger from his brother...who got it from his father. A genetic forever cursed with the fmily except it seemed his older brother managed to contain his..somewhat.

Nero loves to party, drinks, girls, swinging. He'll never turn down a drink or a good smoke. Most nights you'll find him having a drink to himself or partying. There's no inbetween. His calmness is usually kept to himself and away from others. Nero is a entirely different person around his brother as he is more open, comical and over all loose. The bond the trio have is unlike any other around and Nero would kill or do anything for his brother and Bri,

Strength- Nero is strong, stronger than your average man kind of strong. Whenever he wasn't bashing ones head in he was working too maintain his shape and size. Years of back dock brawls and a physical life gave him no choice other than to use his hands as tools...and weapons.
Buisnessman- Though not as well oriented as his older brother, Nero has worked around his anger to try to be more a of buisnessman like his older brother. After years of being under his brothers wing, Nero has gained a solid skill of negotiating and thinking critically whenever hes calm/in control.
Charismatic- Nero is well tattooed from head to toe, good looking and in shape. He often has explosive energy when needed-especially after a few drinks. He usually attracts wild woman by the flock when hes out and about the bars/clubs in town and isn't afraid of what anyone thinks. His upbeat party mentality when he drinks is usually out matched by most. That and he is a solid distraction when needed with all the energy to match it.
+Wester 55 Blaster Pisto,
+The Garrison /Speeder Bike
+Metal pack of cigarras/Suits
+2x Frag grenades

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