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In the depths of the Unknown regions, the Nu-Vaal have been isolated, pondering the nature of the galaxy, their connection to the force, and the strange entity they call "The Fallen One'. Only recently have the Nu-Vaal acquired the means to explore the dark abyss beyond their system. Now, the stars are aligned just right, and their thirst for knowledge will no longer be held back by the vast distances of space.
Classification— Sentient Cephalopodal Humanoids
Homeworld— Vaal/Basic
Diet— Omnivore

Language Aklo


While Genetically diverse (See Breeding), all Nu-Vaal have two arms and two legs. Their heads are squid-like, and have one large ‘breeding’ tendril and eight hairlike prehensile ‘speaking’ tendrils on the back of their heads, and a ‘mouth’ of tendrils coated in a slightly corrosive acid used for breaking down food. Skin colors range all over the color spectrum, though most common is teal, green, blue or brown. Their large black eyes are capable of seeing in the ultraviolet range, but are unable to discern between colors of red, yellow and orange. Their vocal cords are weaker compared to most humanoids, making their voices sound breathy and strained.

All Nu-Vaal have the innate ability to swim, although they lost the ability to breathe underwater.

Their unique genetic diversity means a Nu-Vaal could be found in almost any environment that supports life. Genetic differences regarding all Nu-Vaal include 3 to 8 webbed or clawed digits on hands and feet, extra flaps of skin over the body that can aid swimming, 2 to 12 mouth tendrils, height ranging from 3 feet tall to 12 feet tall, resistant to a singular type of environmental climate and skin colors.

Typacally a Nu-Vaal matures at age 5, is considered elder at age 200, and can usually live to about 300

"I had the opprotunity to observe a Nu-Vaal during the growing process. Unlike most species and birthing, there was very little parental love involved and more of a stoic scientism. The 'Host' was consistent in making sure the dark water was just below the boiling point, and explained that it would hopefully give the youngling a resistance to more heat based environments without sacrificing a resistance to the cold"-Saal Bol, sentientologist

Nu-Vaal breed via a form of mitosis. At any time of their life after maturity, a Nu-Vaal will consume excessive amounts of food, causing their singular larger back tendril to grow in size for two weeks. Once ready, the Nu-Vaal will cut off the back tendril and place it in a container of nutrient rich water. Over the next year, the tendril will grow into a Nu-Vaal. During this year, many of the "child's" genetics are highly unstable and tampered with by the host using varying stimuli in order to make the child different from the host. The differences usually aren't too different from the Nu-Vaal baseline and are never considered a new subspecies. At the end of the year, the child emerges from the water, and over the next 4 years, fully matures into an adult while learning under their host's tutelage. At age 5, the two go their separate ways.

Usually this birthing process is done on Vaal in the waters surrounding their dead god, but more and more Nu-Vaal have been trying to birth on other planets to experiment on what differences can occur.

  • "I have found something of a kindred spirit amongst the Nu-Vaal. I have never met another species who were so eager to test new theories about the universe. Why most of these tests have to be done precisely at the stroke of midnight on the farthest moon of the farthest planet in a system with a circular table inlaid with Kyber is beyond me. The one I've been with most recent identified me as 'Puurgil-aligned' when I told him the day of my birth, and instantly knew I was some kind of scholar. I must admit, their insights can be uncannily accurate" -Saal Bol, sentientologist

    Nu-vaal tend to be quiet and introverted species when dealing with other aliens due to their weak vocal cords. This lack of open communication tends to lead other species labeling them as mysterious, cold and standoffish. In reality, they are just as emotional as the average human. This is most apparent when someone does get one eager to talk about something and their colorful language shows itself.

    While Nu-Vaal are usually scientifically curious and natural experimenters, most Nu-Vaal are highly superstitious of celestial objects. Things like a waning or waxing moon or a planet in retrograde often inform and influence their decisions, though each individual Nu-Vaal develop their own meanings for such celestial events based on their host’s tutelage. One Nu-Vaal may see a comet as a sign that requires immediate action while another sees a comet as a period of study.

    The Nu-Vaal have a somewhat friendly relationship with the Chiss in that the Chiss were the first ones to discover once the Nu-Vaal left their home system. Nu-Vaal tend to admire the Given species for their mathematical prowess and capabilities of calculating the positions of celestial objects. Nu-Vaal loathe the Kaminoans, and live in fear that the Kaminoans would try to dissect them someday for study,something the Nu-Vaal have enacted on several trespassing species.

  • "I once tried to reprogram my protocal droid to decipher what the Nu-Vaal said with their back tendrils. Have you ever seen a droid have an existential crisis? I don't know if he suceeded, but he promptly erased his own memories after his third attempt, crying "too much, too much!" -Saal Bol, sentientologist

    While all Nu-Vaal can speak Galactic Basic, this form of communication hurts their weak vocal cords. They prefer to speak to other Nu-Vaal non verbally via the tendrils on the backs of their heads. The form of communication, known as Aklo, is very rapid and is yet to be translated by other beings.

    When speaking basic and translating their own language to basic to someone they are comfortable with, Nu-Vaal tend to be grandiose and colorful. Many describe Nu-Vaal as if they had swallowed a thesaurus at some point during their life.

    Many phrases used in Aklo refer to celestial objects. Some of the more common phrases and meanings include:

    When the stars align: An affirmation of a promise; a vow
    From the Outer Spheres: Alien, foreign; not to be trusted.
    The moons orbit the planet. The planet, the star: a reminder about tradition or laws; everything has its place
    Let the Maw Take Thee: A Death Threat; a curse
    A Blazing Star Shines!: An exclamation of joy, often used when someone else realizes something
    The calling void is a gaping abyss: a warning of danger against an action

    Eldritch things call forth: An agreement to a specified action.

  • "As scientific as the Nu-Vaal are, they carry a certain superstitious religious streak I've only seen in more primitive societies. In exchange for my observations, I was forced to give all the information I had on their ancestors and their deities as well as any star charts I had on my person. It took me a bit to understand, but I believe their 'ancestors' are those dreaded space beasts I've heard about near the maw." -Saal Bol, sentientologist

    At some point in galactic history, a large Summa-Verminoth died due an electrical storm and crashed into Vaal. This event kickstarted a chain of evolution, as the dead material mixed in with the waters of Vaal and became the basis of life on the world. Eventually, the Nu-Vaal emerged from the oceans, having heritage to the Summa-Verminoth.

    Over time, the Nu-Vaal colonized their entire planet, but the mountain that was the corpse of the Summa-Verimoth remained the spiritual center for the species. While Force users were few and far between in the species, the fact that every user heard the Summa-Verimoth talking to them when touching the mountain led them to believe it was some sort of deity. The planet was unified under the Church of the Fallen One. The Church, which houses all the Force users on the planet, dedicate their study on the Force in an effort to understand their deity better as well as to understand the nature of the universe.

    Recently, an exploration ship crashed onto Vaal due to electrical storms. While none of the occupants survived, the ship survived for the most part. By backwards engineering the ship, the Nu-Vaal were able to achieve hyperspace travel far sooner than they should have been. It was only 10 years later did they discover other sentient life, and realized they were no longer alone in the galaxy. Seeing the state of the galaxy, the Nu-Vaal have collectively agreed to hide their homeworld from non-natives, but consistently send out explorers to study the force, their own biology, and the Summa-Verminoth that hunt across the galaxy.

    Nu-Vaal culture sees Suuma-Verminoth as divine beings and worship images of them. Numerous Force-Sensitive and Non-Force Sensitive Nu-Vaal have died trying to communicate with these monsters. None have succeeded.

    Due to the nature of the Force and how it connects to the Nu-Vaal’s ‘dead god’, Nu-Vaal are very experimental with the Force. Drug-filled seances, unorthodox meditation circles, blood sacrifices and other practices have been attempted by the Nu-Vaal. The more violent practitioners of the church tend to be shunned by society, but are never outright ostracized.

  • "Despite the descriptions of Vaal being pleasant and temperate, I don't think I'd want to visit there. Something about having the corpse of a dead god just puts me off, and the entire world is ruled by a theocracy. In my experiences, theocracies are never pleasant to outsiders. Not that I could visit. Every Nu-Vaal is more tight-lipped about where their home is than an Ubese" -Saal Bol, sentientologist

    Vaal is located in the Unknown Regions (approximately G6). It is a mostly shallow water planet with several island chains. All of the oceans are filled to the brim with plant life, and there are small animals on the islands the Nu-Vaal enjoy eating. With a 28 hour roation period, Nu-Vaal recieves light from an accretion disk of a massive black hole. There are three mountains on the planet, one which is the dead carcass of a Summa Verminoth, the origin of life on the planet. Location of Vaal is a well-kept secret amongst the Nu-Vaal. The System Vaalis in is filled with electrical storms and nebulae material, causing travel around the world quite dangerous.
  • "It's truly fascinating. Despite being advanced in their knowledge of biology and genetics, these Nu-Vaal still look at starship technology like it was magic. I guess traveling the stars where your deities travel is kind of magical in some ways. Still, you'd think they would know better than to buy a starship engine from a jawa" -Saal Bol, sentientologist

    The Nu-Vaal only recently discovered hyperspace thanks to accidental discovery by explorers. Their knowledge in genetics is advanced compared to many species, possibly starting to rival the Kaminoans during the Clone Wars. However, instead of cloning and breeding, the Nu-Vaal prefer to mutate and experiment with whatever samples that come into their star system, carrying little for ethics. The rumors of Sithspawn have intrigued the church of the Fallen One especially, as well as Jedi who speak with the animals themselves like one could speak to a dead deity.

Intent: As a writer who in previous Rp’s liked experimenting with lovecraftian writing styles and the genre in general, I wanted to create a species that has a more lovecraftian feel to them, as well as to include a species that has a bit more religious oddity to it compared to the Light and the Dark Side. While the Church of the Fallen One is Dark sided at the moment, many of its members could become Jedi.

Also I believe including a species that is very superstitious of celestial bodies I feel would be a fun species to rp as in the star wars setting. This flavor could range from simply astrology ideas to weird fortune telling via force visions.
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