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Opportunity is an industrial planet in the Outer Rim, a member of the Independent Systems Consortium. The world lies south of Bothawui and north of Lahsbane. Opportunity is in the Onatos Sector in the Slice and sits in the Manda Merchant Route.

This world is a relatively recent creation, it being colonized after the Systems Consortium's founding. Opportunity was a purpose made colony, after surveyors detected large concentration of mineral resources on the planet. Corporations were quick to set up operations on the fledgling colony, immigrants would come in from the Outer Rim and Expansion Region, as well as many ISCRA refuges found new homes and settled on the world.

In the present, Opportunity is known for it's capital city Prosperity, it's heavy industries, immigrants, and the corporate influence on the world.

C L I M A T E & T E R R A I N

Opportunity is mostly a desert planet. As such the days tend to be on the hot side and cold during the night with minimal vegetation, although the world gets moderate precipitation. Like most deserts, the Summers can get really hot while winters are cold with low amounts of rain or snow.

There are patches of oasis on the planet, but they are a rare sight. The planet also has significant regions of savanna terrain. There are frequent plateaus, mesas along with snow-capped mountains across it's rocky terrain. The world has one large super-continent and has more landmass than ocean.

Being a newer made colony, much of Opportunity hasn't been developed, only having one large major city with smaller towns and villages here, but there are many mining operations, facilities, and outposts across the planet. There are still frontiers on the planet that are untapped.

H I S T O R Y, C U L T U R E, & G O V E R N M E N T

Opportunity although was a charted world by the time of the Galactic Civil War era, it was unexplored and untapped. During the New Century, after the establishment of the Independent Systems Consortium, the planet was surveyed by droids that found that the planet did have promise with it's untapped material resources. Fuels, Minerals .etc With that, the colonization of the planet began, various companies started came in both large and small, purchasing and competing to rights for excavation for various plots.

There would soon be a new rush to the planet, and influx of people looking for work, it would culminating new a new settlement being founded that would serve as the main hub of the planet. Eventually, this settlement would be the foundation on which the planet's capital city would be made. It would expand to an urban city, and it would become "Prosperity" and the planet's name would be dubbed "Opportunity". This development was encouraged by the ISC, as it would bring more economic development to the long neglected and underdeveloped Outer Rim frontier.

It would live up to it's name as the fledging planet's numbers would swell, with people mostly from the disfranchised citizens of the galaxy, mostly the Outer Rim, would come looking for new work and a new life. After the galaxy was plunged into chaos and war, more came to Opportunity. A significant amount of refugees from the ISC Refugee Agency (ISCRA) ended up settling in Opportunity, not opting to return to their homeworld, instead enjoying the new opportunity and protection and security of the ISC. In additions, new local companies were able to arise, sometimes even thrive.

Today, Opportunity is a major manufacturing world with it's capital city Prosperity being large in size with high population density. Prosperity is the beating heart and economic hub of the world Although Opportunity's population are a majority human, it does have significant and diverse alien populations. Opportunity is a melting pot of cultures among it's citizenry, cultural outlooks are diverse and vary among it's people and prone to blending together. In regards to the ISC, the citizens are for the most part pretty supportive and happy to be a part of it.

Opportunity's government is democratic, it's Governor is elected by the citizens. The various corporations have no-small amount of influence in daily life and in politics. Corporate regulations are lax and their tax rates are generous. Corporate establishments and branch offices are a common sight in Prosperity, some of the major ones even having their city districts named after them. The corporate branches on the world have the ear of the Governor. Lobbying, 'donations', and outright bribery are not unheard of in order to advance their interests.

Prosperity also gets many visitors traveling along trade routes stopping by, traders, freighthaulers .etc Propserity also does tend to attract quite a bit of smugglers and other 'unsavory' sort. .

Law and order is a mix of the Core Worlds and Outer Rim justice. The law system is well structured but often harsh and unforgiving when the law is breached, and is susceptible to corruption. The capital city is very well policed, although less so on the other frontiers on the planet.

R E S O U R C E S & T E C H N O L O G Y


Opportunity specializes in it's heavy industry; resource extraction, refinement, and manufacturing. Opportunity has a wide variety of minerals on it's planets and a lot of common ones. Phrik is a rare resource on the planet, with small deposits being rare, and highly valued and competed over. Frequently manufactured goods includes consumer goods and electronics. Also small craft ranging from starfighters to medium freighters as well as vehicles and droids both military and civilian in nature

In addition to it's heavy industry, the capital city does have a small but growing technology and finance sectors.

Chief imports to the planet include foodstuffs (due to shortage of lifestock, fertile farmland) and luxury goods.

In terms of technology, the capital city Prosperity is on par with cities on major Inner Rim worlds, although it's outlying towns and villages are less advanced.


To create a new industrial/corporate themed world that can be used and roleplayed on in the story, plenty of room for politicians and intrigue. I am also planning on being an ISC governor on this world. This world would also help highlight the effects of the ISC's presence on the Outer Rim, as they paved the way for development on the Outer Rim frontier which was highly neglected and underdeveloped by the rest of the galaxy. It also incorporates the ISCRA which helps refugees find housing and work, and a new up-and-coming colony would be perfect.

In the roleplay, this would start as colony, and in the RP I intend to growing it.

Also, slight inspiration from Borderlands (mostly just the name) and Stellaris for this one.