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Dec 22, 2017
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NPC Organizations are organizations that are not owned by a player-character (they are NPC controlled), they exist mostly in the background although PCs can be members of them. PC organizations are groups that are owned by player-characters. Organizations can for example range from governments, corporations, criminal empires, science groups .etc

NPC organizations can start with a larger amount of assets, and fleets or militaries reasonable to the type and scale the organization is. PC organizations cannot start with fleets or militaries and would need to their acquisition roleplayed out in threads. If an Organization wants to sell forces to someone else, either the organization or the customer has to request the forces being sold. Fleets and militaries can be retroactively rejected or denied by an administrator.

If you wish to create an NPC or a PC Organization, you are required to submit a write-up in the Factions & Organizations section detailing the intent, purposes, beliefs, assets, etc., of the organization and will need admin review & approval before they can be role-played as an organization. As a reminder NPC Organizations are not owned by the submitting author, and can be edited by Administration if needed.

Name of Organization:
Description of Organization: (Reason for existing, goals, ranks, etc.)
NPC Leader: (Include name and small description of appearance and personality)
Intent: (OOC intention for the creation of this Organization)
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