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Dec 17, 2016
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Custom Beskar'gam

This armor has been pieced together over the last 4 years by Orys himself and is a mixture of both new and old parts. The armor itself is jet black whereas the clothing underneath changes variably with the environmental conditions. Orys does his best to keep the armor in good condition though there are some distinct marks left behind from past battles that he wears with pride. The helmet once belonged to his father many years ago but has since been modified to better suit Orys.


Legal on paper in most worlds but may be frowned upon in more civilized settlements. The obvious T-visor can arouse suspicion by those weary of Mandalorians and their past.


To create a custom piece of armor for @Orys and be able to track future upgrades/modifications.


None yet.

Type and Coverage

Type: Light/Medium/Heavy Armor

Coverage: Medium

  • Head: Duraplast helmet protecting the front and back of the head as well as the neck. Transparisteel visor.
  • Torso: Duraplast plating protects the chest and abdomen
  • Back: Duraplast plating protects the upper and lower back
  • Upper Arms: Duraplast plating protects the front and back of upper arms, elbows, and shoulders
  • Lower Arms: Duraplast plating protects the hands, wrists and forearms
  • Upper Legs: Left unprotected for maximum mobility
  • Lower Legs: Left unprotected for maximum mobility


Function 1: Jet Pack

  • Jet packs are back mounted units used by elite troops increase their mobility on the battlefield. The jet pack's maximum speed is 50 kph and it carries fuel for up to five minutes of continuous flight (flight mode), but can also be fired in short bursts triggered by jumping (combat mode). The wearer can control the system to switch between modes and/or disengage it from their armor via wrist controls. These packs are cumbersome, adding an additional 8kg for the average human (larger individuals will have heavier jet packs to support their weight). While the fuel is stable enough not to explode, direct hits from weapons can trigger the system inadvertently, after which it is rendered useless.
Function 2: Wrist Flamethrower

  • Wrist flamers are rare, expensive, and dangerous armor attachments favored by mercenaries and soldiers more than bounty hunters, and are illegal in many systems. Wrist flamers are powered by small fuel capsules, and typically hold enough for 3 short bursts of flame. These bursts last 2 seconds, are one meter wide and have a maximum range of 3 meters. The weapon must be manually activated via button or switch, and must be disassembled to be reloaded.
Function 3: Thermal Undersuit

  • Thermal undersuits wick away or reflect thermal energy for brief periods of time. They are not nearly as effective as a suit that firefighters would wear. Most commonly used to protect soldiers from flamethrower weapons or short bursts of extreme heat or cold, and are only good for 1-2 posts of exposure depending on intensity. They are useless against blasters.

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