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Feb 21, 2016
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Planet Guidelines and Profile

Thank you for taking the time to read about the template for your own personally created planet. Please note that ALL submissions require approval by an admin before they can be used or referenced in the role-play.

Please note that a properly completed template will have all fields filled out. Note as well that, unlike character profiles, a literary form for planets is not an option. The template, as written, must be filled out.

The template is as follows:
  • Thread Prefix: Is your planet a canon or a fanon planet? (Canon refers to an existing planet in the Star Wars lore that you are expanding on, while fanon is a brand new creation. If you are seeking to expand on a canon planet, please be sure to search the current and existing submissions before you submit, as another member may have already submitted a thread. If this is the case, please reply to the existing thread with your requested alterations and tag the administrator in your post.)
  • Name: What is the name of your planet?
  • Coordinates: What section of the grid is your planet located in on the Galactic Map? (For example: Coruscant is located at L9 and Korriban at R5 on the Galactic Map.) Please respect the relative boundaries of the galaxy - we will not approve planets that are unreasonably distant from any canon system.
  • Hyperlane: State what hyperlane the planet is situated on, if applicable. If not, put "N/A".
  • Climate: What types of weather does your planet experience? Is it planet-wide? Are there seasons?
  • Terrain: What type of geography does your planet have? Is there any foliage? Are there any landmarks of note?
  • Rotation: Does your planet have any day or night cycle? How long is it? Does it have any affect on the planet?
  • Inhabitants: What organism inhabit your planet? Are there any dominant species? Are any of these organisms sentient?
  • Resources: Does your planet have any natural resources of value or note? Note that unique or particularly rare resources are not allowed in any sizeable quantity for a fanon world, particularly if the planet is being posted as a base of operations for an independant faction.
  • Government: Is your planet host to any governing bodies? What type of government is it? Are they aligned with any factions? Note that to have any particular control over a government, they must be affiliated with an independent factions - you may not NPC control of any government.
  • Culture: Does the society that live on your planet have an particular traditions or beliefs? Are they attached to your government?
  • Technology: How advanced of technology do the people of you planet possess? Note that anything specifically unique must be approved in the Technology board. Please only reference technology that will actively be used in the RP.
  • Satellites: Are there any moons, asteroid belts, or other things of note near your planet? Is the planet a part of pre-existing solar system?
  • History: Does your planet have any special historic event that took place on it? This does not need to be lengthy if the planet is uninhabited. However, if there is an established culture or government, a minimum of fifty words is required.
  • Intent: What are your plans for this planet? In an RP perspective how would you like to see this planet used and where it could be taken in the future? Why is a new planet necessary, as opposed to expanding a stub planet or using another planet? NOTE: This section alone can have your planet dismissed. Planets created on a whim or for purposes to undermine the integrity of the Story will not be approved, and it is important that you give as detailed a response here as possible.

Please note before creating a planet there are a few special rules and guidelines that set this profiles apart from the regular character profiles.

1. Any and all submitted material in this section is for the fair use of other RPers. That means any member of the site is able to use your planet in their RP. You may not restrict access to a planet.

2. Fanon planets are to be submitted with the intent of actively being used in the RP as a setting. Planets that are simply for background purposes, as the homeworld of a fanon species, or simply as a means of providing resources for a faction, will not be considered for approval.

3. We will not be approving especially crowded planetary systems. Please exercise restraint when writing your submissions.

4. Keep in mind the galaxy is a very crowded place. If a fanon planet does not differentiate meaningfully from canon material then it will not be approved. This is to assure that any new planet does not impede on the already in place canon, exploit any abuses in the galaxy, or simply create a new planet that simply does not need to exist.

5. Canon planet submissions must respect the established setting, cultural and species information. The canon information must be respected in such a way that a new player is not required to read your submission in order to play a character on that world, but you may add information beyond that.

6. If planets are found to be submitted in such a way that is determined to be for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage (ie unfair resources, an overly compliant government, excessive manpower, a difficult to reach safe haven etc) in the RP, then the planet or planets concerned will be immediately archived.

7. If an Unapproved Planet application is accidentally posted in the Approved Planets section, do not repost. Simply inform an admin and the thread will be moved.
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