Priming Borgo Prime

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Jul 4, 2017
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Borgo Prime is a shadowport in an asteroid that serves a hub. It has crime, information brokers, merchants, credits. What more can anyone want? Tyler Ward will lead the effort to take this place in the Galactic Alliance.

In order to establish control, the GA will undermine and dispose of the current numero uno (A Quarren by the name of Slamasi) of the asteroid, weaken his powerbase, and replace him with another crime lord but one sympathetic to the GA. Naturally, it is unlikely the inhabitants would be really happy with Rebel's having overt control. Going for a discrete takover, they would install someone else more favorable to them in exchange for cooperation as a favor.

The Missions

Thread 1 [Ask/Self DM] Lights Out - The asteroid's leader Slamasi has a mercenary group; the Eclipse, that serves as his muscle and protection. With a GA team heading to the merc group headquarters/barracks and doing major damage to it, they can weaken his grip on Borgo Prime.
Slot 1: @Eisa Swan
Slot 2: @Kae'Leigh Tameris

Thread 2 [Ask/Dice] Penthouse Politics - It's time, the GA moves to take down Slamasi who will be held up his penthouse. Although even though his primary means of muscle would have taken a bit hit, this would still not be a walk in the park.
Slot 1: @Ner Giza
Slot 2: @Larissa Adrastos

Thread 3 [Ask/Self DM] Enemy Of My Enemy - Not a lot of people want to deal with the GA here, but there's at least someone who sees the benefit of a mutual partnership. After arranging a meeting, there is rival to the Slamasi who will entertain the idea of being propped up to leadership of Borgo Prime in exchange for cooperation with the GA. Just need to fully convince him.
Slot 1: @Tyler Ward
Slot 2: @Luno

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OOC Notes: Lets try to have posts done in 48 hours of each other. Other than that, have fun!

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Okie does will try and get it rolling after tomorrows chores