Tabloid Protests in the Empire

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Dec 24, 2017
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Protests in the Empire

RAXUS SECUNDUS — Just hours removed after the terms of the Cantonica Concordat were made public, Imperials on the Imperial capital world have took to the street, outraged with the decision to agree to the terms. The protests are happening on a number of other Imperial worlds as well. Riot-control forces have been dispatched to contain them and prevent them from turning into full fledged riots. Nevertheless the Imperial citizenry has made their discontent and anger with the Concordat quite clear.

"Stabbed in the back!" "Kill the Hutts!" were slogans and chants that were shouted at these protests. They were not pleased with the Imperial diplomats involved agreeing with the terms, the Imperial Ruling Council for ratifying the accords, and for the Hutts for what they have done to the Empire. "Cowards, the lot of them" was said when speaking to one protestor on the streets of Raxus.

More protests are expected to occur, and the current ones to continue.

We have reached out to Grand Moff Castor Pollux for a comment.