PvP: Power Levels

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Dec 22, 2017
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PVP: Power Levels

This is a bit shorter than some of the prior announcements in this series, but I've heard some questions and implications about power levels pinging around the site in the timeline, and wanted to make some clarifications. With the abolition of the level system that probably leaves some people wondering how power levels work currently or if there are any.

The TL;DR is that in most cases power levels play a very secondary or insignificant role.

The more detailed answer is this: in general power is tied to rank. The higher the rank achieved, the more experience the character has, and the more powerful they are... kind of. If the difference between two combatants is only one rank (Jedi Knight vs Sith Lord) the difference is going to be minimal. All other things being perfectly equal, the Knight might tire slightly faster, but that's about the extent of the issue and really shouldn't play a significant role in a fight. (As a reminder, the Force ranks are Padawan/Acolyte - Knight/Champion - Master/Lord - Councilor - Grandmaster/Dark Lord)

The only times that the differences might become more pronounced is if someone is trying to fight two or three+ ranks up. A Knight facing down the Eternal directly or a Padawan facing a Sith Lord may well find themselves overpowered and exhausted much more quickly. While this still does not mean that the fight is instantly won or lost by a certain side, it should be stated that it is disadvantageous to engage someone signifcantly more powerful than you.

So what does this all mean? Good story should still take precedent in these fights, but characters should be RPed to respect rank. An Acolyte who charges the Grandmaster is going to have a bad day, but ranks (particularly close ranks) should not be used to justify "haha, I win."

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