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Pyrokinesis—also known by the names Force fire or Force heat—was the ability to manipulate heat through the Force, the most common application being the creation of flames. Unlike similar abilities, such as Force lightning, Pyrokinesis was not strictly an ability associated with the dark side of the Force.

Pyrokinesis, in its simplest application, allowed the Force user to increase the heat of an object, causing its temperature to rise rapidly. Under the right circumstances, this would cause the target to spontaneously combust. Another simple application of this technique allowed one to manipulate existing flames through the Force, twisting said flames to their will, which could then be used for offense or defense.

Simple applications could generate sparks of raw Force energy which could then ignite their immediate surroundings. This was particularly effective when applied to foliage or flammable liquids, which could expand the range of the flames created via the technique. Flames generated in this manner could then be manipulated through the aforementioned applications of this power.

More dedicated efforts of the power could twist the Force to the user's will, allowing them to generate flames from nothing, similarly to how Force lightning was generated, and could project jets of flames form the palm of their hands; or they might choose to project them as condensed blasts of fire. Although not specifically a dark side power, light-aligned sects such as the Jedi often disapproved of such uses, as offensive uses of lethal powers can quickly lead one to the dark side.

While fairly easy to use in its lesser applications, the stronger variants of Pyrokinesis required a large reserve of stamina. Using the Force to create flames from nothing was an exhausting process which could only be achieved in bursts (much like Force lightning), rather than long, continuous streams.

Additionally, just as the flames could be created through the Force, they could also be put out through the Force if an opposing Force user applied enough focus. Also, in combat scenarios, jets of flames could easily be redirected with the proper application of telekinesis.

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