Republic Marine Corps

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Republic Marine Corps

The Republic Marine Corps (RMC) have been built and designed to operate as space, sea, and land superiority soldiers; the Marines were mainly adopted recently to counter the powerful Mandalorian Taung society attached to the Hutts. The Marines are put through the most brutal training regimen that the Republic Armed Services offer, and are trained to work as independent and unit based operators. The Marines have only recently added the Jedi into their ranks, allowing Knights and up to enlist within the brotherhood and go through the same training as any other Marine. The RMC can be deployed to any encounter that the Republic faces and serve as an asset to her commanders with the skill, training, and discipline they carry within each and every soldier.

The purpose of the RMC is to serve as an auxiliary force with the manpower and skill to face highly trained opposition forces outside of Army components and assist in normal military operations. They are trained in the use of normal blaster rifles and carbines in addition to their famed slugthrower skll, and receive extra martial arts and hand to hand combat instruction, making them prepared for boarding operations on the ground and in space. The Marines are trained to be a unit of brothers, a family, and this bond carries into combat bringing on intense discipline and affections between units. Soldiers care for each other, and were created to be a harder alternative to other services in the military.

Marines serve as jack of all trade types, and have been bred for a purpose; to serve as a superior fighting force against other commando units in the fight for the galaxy. They have integrated Jedi into their ranks to increase versatility and hold prowess over their enemies in all fields imaginable.

Service Interaction
Marines typically prefer to work alone, but are often in a support role to the Republic Army and Navy. The Marines are reasonably xenophobic, and are not fond of out of service transfers. They hold themselves higher than other units for their combat superiority and Jedi integration. The Marines usually have no problems working with Jedi components, often exposing their counter parts to different sides of the military while keeping them within their Light side boundaries.

Marine training is the toughest training boot camp out of all normal Republic service branches, and the longest, consisting of an 10 week intensive training regimen on Carida. Troops are stripped of their identity as civilians and dropped into the murky depths that forms up the true family that is the Corps. Recruits are taught rifleman skills, taking shots up to 500 yards, and are trained in squad tactics and basic martial arts. Every Marine is referred to as a rifleman, and has the ability to pick up a rifle and fire it relatively effectively. Two weeks of the boot is spent working strictly with Jedi from the Carida enclave, the two forming a tight bond as they break there ass together.

If a Marine is noticed for his leadership abilities he will be passed onto Officer Candidate school by his Drill Instructors, subjected to a four year course through which the Marine will emerge a trained leader and officer. Every Marine who completes the course is commissioned as a Lieutenant and also earns a Bachelor of Science.

Marines are outfitted with gear handpicked by Corps commanders, although some of the equipment is similar or identical to other service branches. Marine infantry are equipped with special slugthrower weaponry unique to the Corps, who prefer the reliability and superior knock down capability. Shock and awe is their unofficial motto, and their specific infantry model, the SK-44 slug rifle, is a low recoil firearm with a high rate of fire, solid power and excellent accuracy out to five hundred yards if fired in bursts. Heavy weapon specialists have access to the SK-50, a heavy hitting ‘thrower that is designed to be slow and powerful and fill more of a DMR role. Marines finish out their kit with a UI-2 slugthrower handgun, two concussion grenades, and light OPECZ-Recon Battledress. A Marine’s gear is intended to be ominous and intimidating, and is top of the line for the era. Marines are qualified with all weaponry in their arsenal, and taught how to fully make use of their armor’s HUD and other features in boot camps.

The Marines are a highly xenophobic and family-oriented military unit. They hold to precedents and codes set down by their forefathers, and believe in true unit tradition. Marines are not only enlisting in something greater than themselves, they are enrolling into a family of like minded individuals; only a family created and maintained to inflict death on the enemies of the Republic.
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