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Dec 1, 2015
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Sapphire Fang

Mandalorian — Dagger —

The Sapphire Fang is forged by Hauron Solus for @Maeve A.K.A. "Sapphire" to enhance her preferred fighting style.

In @Hauron Solus 's possession


The Sapphire Fang is a master crafted dagger of Mandalorian design. It was made by Hauron Solus out of songsteel making it capable of going toe to toe with lightsabers while incorporating scatterweave prevent detection from scans. It was made to be hidden and carried without attracting attention. To the naked eye it looks like an exceptionally beautiful melee weapon. However it is more than just a parrying dagger. The Sapphire Fang has a special ability that allows it to fire a surprising ranged attack. The attack appears like a bolt of electricity that shoots out of the tip of the knife. It has a very limited range and can only deal medium stun damage, except at "point blank" range which can be shockingly lethal (heavy). The second reason this stunning bolt of electricity is surprising is that it gives off very little sound compared to a blaster and is similar to a quiet snapping noise. The handle of the knife houses a crystal that automatically recharges over time and does not require the wielder to carry additional ammunition.

PVE Use: The Sapphire Fang is in essence both a stingbeam blaster pistol and also a knife / dangerous fusioncutter all in one. Ordinarily these things are hard to detect in searches and this one is even more difficult to discover due to its small design and materials used. The knife recovers all five (5) spent "bolts" after one round dedicated to letting it recharge or "reloading".

PVP Use: Same as above. It's a secret spy type gun-pistol.

Gift from Forge Master @Hauron Solus "Black Hand" to coworker and friend @Maeve A.K.A. "Sapphire" (@LadyRen ).