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Shrialla Estate is a vast, palatial complex surrounded by waterfalls and elaborately landscaped gardens located some kilometers outside of Muracie, the capital city of Centares. The place can trace its origins to the arrival of the Shrialla Family to the planet in 25,100 BBY, shortly after they left Tion. The estate started as a simple mansion, which soon expanded to become a fortress. Generation after generation of Shriallas had expanded the building until it got its huge proportions. After his parents’ death, Xylan inherited it.

The estate has several bedrooms, libraries, art halls, bathrooms, dining rooms, ballrooms, meeting rooms and a planetary. The main building is located at the center of the complex and is used as the residence of the Shrialla. Most of the rooms are open and exposed to the outside, leading out onto balconies with views of the waterfalls and the lake below.

With the exception of the main building, all the other parts of the estate are open to the public, being used as museums of the history of Centares. It was part of a joint initiative of the family and the government to increase tourism on the planet. Tickets are paid and must be booked in advance, usually visits are canceled if a Shrialla requests it. If the tourists pay more, they can even sleep in one of the guest quarters.

To arrive there, the tourists need to take a transport in Muracie that will leave them at a landpad located above one of the waterfalls. Another landpad is maintained only for the use of the Shrialla.

Below the main building is located the Shrialla vaults, where the family had stored historical treasures that they accumulated for thousands of years. Some of the relics there were brought by them from Tion. Above the vaults is a secret dungeon, reminiscent of the time that the estate was a fortress.

The landscaped gardens that surround the buildings have a collection of plants that came from several parts of the Galaxy. They are also used in botanical studies by the University of Muracie. Thousands of servants and droids work to maintain the place in good condition.


Location to have some roleplay with Xylan and as a personal lore for him and his family.


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