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May 13, 2015
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I have questions for a race/species the next timeline. I've begun planning an idea for an Energy Vampire. In the past they were allowed, and from my experience in rp'ing with those who played them, the characters were usually thousands of years old. What I've thought to myself, what if we start experimenting with the process that made them? From what Wiki/wookiepedia has to offer us, the first Energy/Force Vampire was created by the Jedi trying to increase Force potential in a person. This Jedi, Tel Angor, became the first Energy Vampire in 19 BBY. The process they thought to be was fool-proof which is why Tel Angred to it. So who's to say this isn't the first time someone attempted it?

Here's what I'm proposing: My character Ithica Vale is a scientist studying midi-chlorians and is attempting to give them to people who do not have the Force, or can't commune with it I should say. Obviously things go wrong and she gets turned into a
being that has to constantly feed in order to survive. When it came to Tel, he could live without feeding on anyone. My version (and I'm willing to create a species submission for it) would not be a perfect form. She would need to feed on other Force users or her body would break apart.

Here's what I have so far:

Ithica Vale-Haas

✖ The Vampiric Huntress ✖



NAME: Itchica Vale-Haas // AGE: 28 // SPECIES: Energy Vampire

HOMEWORLD: Alderaan // FACTION: Exiles // FORCE: Confirmed

Bred For Dark
Born From Light
To be an Energy Vampire one must live entirely off the life forces of others. This powerful and seemingly indestructible race seems desirable at first, but it is a living Hell to those cursed to its touch. The process that made Ithica Vale-Haas into an Energy Vampire was the single most painful moment of her life, for that was the last time her heart would ever beat again. What started as wishful dream to enhance one's connection to the Force turned Ithica's life into a living nightmare. Her body was shattered and burned through powerful beams of Force-emitted light. Every cell in her body was ripped apart and mutated into a new species. Only few of such creatures would ever come to exist for there was no other way to make an Energy Vampire. Having no ability to rebuild her body with the Force, she must then feed off of it through others in order to continue to exist. Without vampirically sucking out the Force life from another, her body begins to break apart and would eventually turn to dust.

But it wasn't always like this. Before she married her wife, (Kyra Haas), Ithica Vale was a Bio-Chemistry Major scoring top marks in one of Alderaan's most prestigious universities. She met Kyra her freshman year where the two became close friends. Their connection to the Force is what brought them to one another, but also drew the attention of another. An Exile hiding at the school came to them and taught them the secrets to the questions lingering in the backs of their minds. Both women had a knowledge that the Force existed, as well as the Jedi order, but never thought to seek out training to their religious order. The Exile (blank) helped them gain a better understanding of the world around them and thus pushed Ithica into studying what exactly the Force was and how only certain individuals could react with it. This would start the idea that she could give Force powers to someone who had no connection to it previously. This is the dream that would literally pull her to her death.

Examining The Mind
Experimenting In Love
After graduating both girls set out to explore their research into Force potential. Using the collective wealth of their families they built a private lab in a penthouse suite to which they could work without disturbances. The biggest problem though was Ithica's own stubbornness to get her work done. She never liked to leave something unfinished and had to get pulled from her chair on a nightly basis. For several months Kyra was understanding of Ithica's determination, but it didn't last. Their relationship started to take a heavy toll and almost ended them altogether. They patched things up on a spontaneous camping trip vacation into the woods which Kyra had been begging Ithica to take her on for over a year now. To their surprise both girls planned on using the getaway as a chance to propose and exchanged rings on their first day out in nature. They confessed their love to one another and both vowed to make things better when they returned home.

But what they returned to was a horror show. As it turned out, Ithica's research was far more valuable than she thought it to be and there were those out there who were willing to kill to get it. An unknown group of Jedi had been watching her house and waiting for a chance to steal her secrets. They broke in and stole all of her notes leaving her with nothing but broken vials and burnt hard drives. Devastated, Ithica cried for days. Kyra held her fiance close with tender love and empathetic ears. Once out of the wake the two sat down and started over....together. With a new approach to the research and a helpful hand to solve the puzzle, they soon found themselves back where she'd been stumped and overcame the obstacle. As luck would have it, the Jedi who stole her research found they too could not overcome the chemical equation needed to solve the riddle. They would strike again.

The Last Breath
The First Bite
When they came a second time Ithica was just as unprepared as the first. This time they came at night with both girls sound asleep in their beds. They tied the girls up and then held their blades to Kyra's throat while they forced Ithica to complete her machine. Not wishing to test it out on one of their own they hooked Ithica up to her own device and threw the switch. Her screams were the sounds of true terror as her body burned in the light. Her skin cracked and broke apart from being super-exposed to the brilliant beams. But as the machines reached their peak a malfunction within them caused them to explode and destroy the lab with her still inside. After the smoke cleared the Jedi inspected the wreckage only to be attacked by the creature they'd unexpectedly created.

What came out of the smoke was a being that would bring fear to the bravest of men. She was fast. She was skilled. She was violent. Ithica tore the men apart with her superior strength and with her new powers ripped the Force from their bodies turning them into lifeless, hollow shells. Her eyes could not distinguish friend from foe and in her bloodrage even attacked her fiance. It wasn't until the pleading, dying woman offered up her the ring she'd been given the day they got engaged that Ithica snapped out of it. Ithica cried harder than she had the day they were robbed. Twice now the Jedi took from them everything they'd worked so hard for. But this time came a fruitful bounty: the answer she'd sought for for so long. She was now the living embodiment of all of her research. If only the price hadn't been so steep.

Rebirth Through Blood
Removed From Bondage
Their lives were forever changed that day. With their home destroyed a second time now they had to flee the system for fear of the Jedi who'd escaped coming back for retaliation. The two fled for (Zelos II), Kyra's home planet, where they could hide within nature until they got back on their feet. But Ithica's health took a devastating turn as her body began to break apart. Her insanely strong body grew weaker with each day until she barely had the strength to get out of bed. Kyra feared her lover was dying and that there was nothing she could do to help her. She prayed to the living Force when a radical idea came to her. Kyra allowed Ithica to feed off of her lifeforce which rejuvenated her just enough to get back on her feet. The two began to have a better understanding of what had happened to Ithica. Testing their theory, Kyra brought to her a cub from a pack of (blank) which Ithica drained the Force from. As expected, it continued to heal her. Still not fully back to perfect health, the two hunted down the rest of the pack. Like with the cub Ithica ripped their Force energies from them turning the pack into empty corpses. It was enough to satisfy her for now, but both girls knew it would not last.

The girls hid out on Felucia for as long as they could. They fed on the life forms around them while testing out the rest of Ithica's new found potential. The more lives she stole the stronger her powers got. Her strength exceeded all possibilities she ever thought to accomplish. Her speed was immeasurable. Even her skin became harder than steel. But there came a cost. Using her powers drained her of the Force faster than if she were to not. Doing so forced her to kill again. This began to lie a heavy burden on Ithica's shoulders; Kyra's as well. The two did not wish to pointlessly kill off wild animals which did not deserve to die. It upset the balance of things; that's what their old mentor would say to them. They knew they would have to leave Felucia eventually. Slow at first, they branched out to the nearby systems and began to take work as bounty hunters. They only took contracts that allowed for their catch to come back dead, thus taking the lesser of rewards in doing so, but it fulfilled the need for Ithica to feed. That's what they were really after. They hunted down criminals and deadbeat thugs who had abused their chance in life to do something good. Even though Ithica was still robbing them of their lives, they justified it by the potential that they were saving someone else's life down the line. To them, they were doing some good out there in the Outer Rims.

Controlling Their Fate
Called To Arms
As the years passed Ithica's legacy quickly gained a reputation. The name of the Vampire Huntress spread throughout the galaxy. The two began to take more mainstream contacts and would work more in the inner circle of systems closer to the capital (blank). Their contracts gave them unexpected friendships and allegiances which in turn gave Ithica a rather strange following. It wasn't long until she had her own group of bounty hunters who swore their allegiance to her. They worshiped her, protected her, fed her. She had a powerful following ready to die for her. Ithica could walk the halls of their estate and have every head bow to her as she passed. She was a dominant fire that demanded obedience, even from her own wife. Kyra, who by now had become more and more recluse in her study, rarely ever came out to socialize. Having been burned by so many humans she began to resent them. Ithica was her only shred of humanity left and she lived vicariously through her. With their roles reversed, it was Ithica who now pulled Kyra out from her sheltered life and brought her back out to the real world. It was a task that suited Ithica just fine because in her new life she had become the more controlling one.

Through the collective work of the other hunters they started building back up their wealth. They had power, they had money, and most importantly they had protection. The Vampire Huntress could get her hands on whatever weapon she desired, but there was still a lingering threat in the back of her mind. The Jedi who had turned her were still out there. Ithica turned her eyes toward the Jedi and started to track word of their Order. For years she listened to the rumors of their travels. In secret, she would strike their homes in the dead of night and kill them in their sleep. Her revenge became the only thing she could focus on and it caught the eye of her team. Fearing she was this mysterious killer they turned on her. The hunters approached her and accused her of killing innocent lives to which she admitted to killing them, but they were far from innocent. They attacked her in hopes of bringing her down but they were no match for the Vampiric Huntress. She murdered them all. Alone again she and Kyra made a promise not to let anyone ever get in a position where they would feel vulnerable. That's when they heard the call. Out in the furthest planets in the Outer Rim a message was sent out. The Exiled Jedi would come together to join forces against the Order. Fate had heard Ithica's desires and she, along with Kyra at her side, headed for dark space to join her true brethren....


" Everyone Knows There's A Devil In Camp "




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May 29, 2015
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