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Sverend, also known as the 'Northern Kingdom' is an inhabited tundra planet in the Outer Rim Worlds. The world's home star system is in the same grid square as the shadowport Borgo Prime and Ithor.

The world was settled by some scattered Deucalians thousands of years ago. Thoustands of years later, the Deucalians settled into their Sverendish nationality over time, abandoning the old ways and their Deucalian identity to become a peaceful kingdom with a democratic government.

In addition to it's kingdom, the planet is known for it's cold climate, it's auroras as well as it's own reputated companies that are set up on the planet.

Climate & Terrian​


The Northern Kingdom, as it is primarily a tundra world, leans towards a cold climate. Sverend is most cold in it's north and south polar regions, while warmest at the equator. The planet does go through four seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Even it's Summers are cold, especially compared to other planets in the galaxy on the same season. Winter all across the planet is harsh, with storms being frequent with it's blizzards being deadly. A journey into the polar regions during a harsh winter would be extremely dangerous.

Towards the polar regions, the auroras can be spotted. The shimmering lights in the sky is a phenomena that tends to dazzle off-worlders.

In terms of terrain, the Kingdom is quite diverse. Towards the equator it has the most vegetation and most habitable. But in the polar regions it's almost all ice. Most of Sverend is made up of one large supercontinent, but has thousands of islands. Sverend has an array of mountains, fjords, highlands, plains, glaciers. That's not to say that there aren't sighnicant amounts of flat land. It also has an assortment of volcanos, many active and many dormant. There are also geysers in some parts of the land.



Sverend wouldn't be settled until around circa 5500 BBY, until scattered a Deucalian clans flew in and settled on the planet after centuries of being beat down by galactic players. It would be on Sverend they would make their new homes and rebuild their strength.

As decades passed, the Deucalian clans would be in conflict with each other. But as another century passed, Hilda of the newly formed Clan Svendsen, one lady and clan leader who grew ambitions beyond short-sighted, senseless conflict. She has a vision to unite all the Deucalian tribes to make a Kingdom. After the Unification Wars, all the Deucalian clans on the planet fell under her banner. Hilda became Queen Hilda I, and her clans village Sovngarde became the capital city.

Queen Hilda sought to end the violence among her new people, and for them to become a nation in it's own right. Although her reforms were meant with pushback, sometimes violent, in the end she won out. As time passed, the Deucalian people no longer considered themselves Deucalian, they became evolved, civilized Sverenders, although they would not forget their Deucalian history, although it became very distant behind them. As their culture evolved, the language Deucalic became a dead language, and Sverendic took it's place. The clan structure was phased out. The language evolved so much that similarities are superficial and can't understand each other. They do not worship the old gods either, as they believe in the Force.

Today, Deucalians that still exist hold distain for Sverend and it's people for abandoning their heritage and ways. And for their part the Svrenders return the feeling, dismissing them as lowly raiders. To this day, there are still various scattered Deucalician tribes, who do remain true to their culture.

Sverend did not join the Old Republic and did not involve itself in the Clone Wars. But during the age of Palpatine's Empire, it could not resist the Galactic Empire and fell under it. The Galactic Empire would impose a traitorous military governor under Sverend, forcing the King into exile. After Palpatine's first death, the people of Sverend regained their freedom and the royal family returned.

Now in the present, Sverend is now a thriving kingdom with cities on the equator, and many other settlements elsewhere. The capital Sovngarde, once a clan village, now stands as a prosperous, cosmopolitan capital city for the kingdom.

Government & Culture​

The government of Sverend is that of a constitutional monarchy headed by House Svendsen, with the monarch's powers being ceremonial only. In the past, the monarch had more power, but abuses and incompetency in the past generations of kings and queens lead to her government curbing their power. Nowadays the monarch represents the unity of the Kingdom, with the Prime Minister being the head of government. Currently the Queen of Sverend is Sunniva III. Members of the royal family have the last name 'av Svendsen' (of Svendsen). The heir to the throne - typically the first born of the monarch - is titled "Prince/Princess of Sovngarde".

The government is a liberal democracy, with elections for Prime Minister and parliament. The Kingdom has a good-sized planetary defense force, and conscription is in force among Sverender men and women. The planetary defense force does use equipment up to the standard of the present era. Their fleet is modest in size for being a single system. That being said, Sverend keeps a strict stance of neutrality, opting not to join with any of the factions or governments and their defense force is a means to enforce that.

In spite of the neutrality, Sverend has no problems with conducting diplomacy with other planets or governments, or allowing their array of local business transactions with other worlds. They will trade for resources and let Sverendish businesses make transactions with them.

As for the people of Sverend, they are nice and friendly and out-going, a peaceful people. Physically, the average Sverender has light-colored eyes and brown or blonde hair. They are known to be attractive, although not on par with the Hapans.

Sverendic is the language of the people of Sverend, the evolved form of Deucalic. In addition to Sverendic, the planet's inhabitants are also taught Galactic Basic.

The Northern Kingdom has always been quite a bit conservative with the environment, although not to the degree the Ithorians are. Still they protect the environment and perfer to utilize renewable energy.

Resources & Technology​


Sverend has an assortment of natural resources. Lots of ores for metals, quite an amount of fuels as well. Locked behind sheets of ice however, is said to be more resources. Geothermal energy is also a resource that's readily utilized, taking advantage of the planet's natural features.

Sverend is home to many local businesses, specializing in trade goods as well as banking, finance, and software. They also manufacture sell hardware such as repulsorlift vehicles, smaller starships, electronics, weapons - which all may be civilian or military in nature. The Kingdom is also an exporter of fine goods such as art, furniture, various alcohol, and clothing.

As a tundra world with lots of mountains, permafrost, and ice, Sverend has minimal amount of fertile farmland, to make up for this however is a vast array of prey that can be hunted for game, as well as foodstuffs being imported from off-world.

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