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Jun 27, 2021
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Taanab is a planet in the Inner Rim. It was settled first by human and alien farmers, homesteaders, and peasants before 20,000 BBY. The world's gentle climate and even plains made for ideal farming conditions, and its placement along the Perlemian Trade Route has helped it tremendously to bring products to market. For generations, Taanab has served as a breadbasket for the Perlemian Trade Route and the Mid/Outer Rims. During this time, it has held, largely, a stance of strict neutrality. When war broke out between the Republic and CIS, Taanab shipped food to both. Again when there was war between the Galactic Empire and the Rebellion. And again when there was war between the First Order and the Resistance.

Their reasoning is simple. Agroworlds are natural targets for enemies during times of war; if Taanab were to ever pick one side of a conflict, their aggressors could easily bomb, blockade, or otherwise destroy the singular world to starve their allies. Thus, Taanab builds as diverse a portfolio as possible for its diplomatic and business dealings.

In recent years, growing conflict between the small, family farmers of Taanab and the agricultural corporations who has forced the government to intervene and institute a system of checks and balances for both parties.

Taanab was also the site of the Battle of Taanab, a battle between famed Rebel General Lando Calrissian and a fleet of pirates.

Government and Culture

Taanab is, by law, a Republic governed by elected politicians. Taanab's people are largely self-sufficient farmers, and have little interest in politics outside of how it affects their small crops of farmland. Thus, Taanab's politicians are largely oligarchical; working for the benefit of the agricultural megacorporations of the world and allowing the peasants of the world to live their lives relatively unfettered by government.

Taanab is a world of moderate wealth; while small, family farmers and peasants are among the poorer residents of the planet, food, medicine, and basic education are all so readily plentiful that they are caught safely within the planet's built-in safety net.

However, there was constant competition between the farmers, descendants of the world's settlers, and the corporations, who took increasingly greater shares of the world's resources. After constant legal and protest threatened to hurt the planet's harvest, the government stepped in, and recently invested deeply into the public/private quasi-governmental Taanab Agroecological Cooperative as a means of placating the serfs and advancing agro-corporate interests.

Geography and Climate

Taanab was flat, temperate, and grassy. It was covered largely in farms, scattered across the entire planet and taking various different forms. Some were large, flat praries; others were dense food forests and jungles. Taanab had few sources of standing water. In response, plants either tended to be dryfarmed or have deep roots to dig into the world's underground sources of water. Those plants with deepest roots would dig into the world's surface, gather water, and disperse it from their leaves and branches back into the world's atmosphere, whereafter heavy rains would send the water back into the ground.

Its few, large cities were largely spaceports and corporate office centers. Smaller villages dotted the world, filled with markets, bazaars, and festivals.

Technology and Resources

The major export of Taanab was foodstuffs. It imported a huge number of tools, droids, and mechanical technologies to help terraform and control the world's massive harvests. Small farmers used lower-tech means of cultivating and living off the land, while large corporations used sophisticated ecological technologies to optimize the world's harvests.


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