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Dec 22, 2017
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Free use.

Trajec Data Systems.

Portable computer.

Rechargeable power cell.

  • 1x detachable keyboard.
  • 1-2x reader socket.
  • 4x standard I/O socket.


High-impact plastoid.

The TDS-4400 is a portable computer system manufactured by Trajec Data Systems, a mid-sized firm specializing in computer technology. The 4400 is one of their more popular products, and is marketed primarily toward corporate customers, although it is also sold to general consumers. The basic design of the 4400 is millennia old at this point, tracing its lineage back to the TDS-1100 portable of the Old Republic era.

The TDS-4400, which shares the nickname "Suitcase Computer" or "SuitComp" with many other machines in its class, is a device meant for people who need a little more horsepower than the average datapad, but who still need some degree of portability. To this end, the TDS-4400 has a "luggable" form-factor, with a carrying handle and a rechargeable power cell for operation away from a power coupling. Unlike datapads, which are light and easy to use while sitting or standing due to their tablet-style design, the TDS-4400 requires that a user set it down in front of them, which is less convenient. The device is also far bulkier, making it comparatively awkward to carry. In exchange for its ergonomic shortcomings, however, the TDS-1100 is much more capable in terms of raw processing power, and it can run much more sophisticated software than a datapad ever could.

The features of the TDS-4400 are fairly basic, though useful. Data is displayed on a built-in holoscreen, which is fairly small, although the device can be connected to an external display system. Information can be read off of and recorded onto standard datacards via a built-in reader socket, with storage for blank or pre-loaded cards provided above it, although this can be replaced by a second reader socket if desired. Connections to networks and other machines is achieved via a quartet of standard I/O sockets. User input is enabled by a detachable wired keyboard, which clips on to provide a protective cover for the screen and reader socket when the device is being moved.

Portable computers like the TDS-4400 are used all over the Galaxy, mostly by business professionals and technicians who need access to software more complex and demanding than a simple datapad can accommodate. Technicians working on complex machinery such as starships often use them to to run in-depth diagnostic programs, and some office workers may use them to run administrative and financial simulations. On the less reputable side, of course, slicers have found many uses for these machines. Although a standard portable computer will not have most of the specialized equipment that is often used for breaking into more powerful computer systems, it is often the device fledgling slicers first cut their teeth on before graduating to a full slicer's deck.

Legal. There are plenty of legitimate uses for this device, even if most players probably won't use them for that.

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