The Antilles Extraction


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Jun 9, 2014
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With the rebellion in desperate need of pilots, Sabine goes undercover as an Imperial cadet to recruit defectors -- including the confident and gifted Wedge Antilles.

I really enjoyed this episode! Besides finally introducing Wedge on-screen (And his origin story none the less), we actually get some interesting tie-ins and plot threads going on here. For example, we might just end up seeing the mission Wedge mentioned in Aftermath, similar to how Han Solo's Star Destroyer adventure is currently being fleshed out in the Star Wars Comics, which was mentioned previously in Aftermath. It opens up a lot of interesting possibilities where things started earlier in the books and comics can be linked up to actual episodes of Rebels.

Besides all that, loved the Sabine stuff. Good to see her finally getting a bit more of the spotlight, and i'm looking forward to where they're taking Governor Pryce and the new Tie Ace Vult Skerris. Not to mention Agent Callus.
Agent Callus is totally a new Fulcrum Agent, right?
Also, stray thought, but this is the earliest we've seen Tie Interceptors in the New Canon.

Overall, i'd say this episode gets a 7/10 for me.

Richie B.

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Apr 19, 2015
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It was good to me though I think it is not the 2nd episode of the third season. Anyway it was good to me but I wonder now how powerful those Ti interceptors are cause they seemed super OP man or could just be the rebels suck at actually shooting back when in a corvette. Still good overall.