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Death Watch

Extremists, Terrorists, Assassins, Spies. Death Watch is all of these things, but not without a purpose. Akin to the Cover Ops branch of the Sith Empire's Imperial Security Bureau. Unfettered by honor and un-tethered to the bulk of Mandalorian society or military. They are elite warriors who employ 'gorilla' warfare to achieve their goals.

Organization & History
Warriors of old, once known as 'Deaths Watchers' during the First Crusading Era under Mand'alor The Conqueror, these Mandalorians gained the infamous moniker during the Second Battle of Shogun. Dispatched during battle coordination and given the task to conquer the capitol city at 'any cost' by the Mand'alor an instruction taken literally.
The crusaders came against stiff opposition and casualties mounted while attempting to minimalize civilian casualties and collateral damage, that was until a Rally Master ordered his section of men to herd a group of civilians into the street directly in the view of a defensive strong point and execute them all for the defenders decision to fight. The tactic proved successful and soon the rest of the crusaders attacking the capitol began employing the tactic as a means to bend the will of the defenders and force them into submission.
They would emerge again under the leadership of Tor Vizsla during the Mandalorian Civil War. Fighting the True Mandalorians in an effort to return Mandalorians to their roots as galactic crusaders. After Tor's death, the Watch would disband. Only to reemerge during the Clone Wars, this time lead by Pre Vizsla. The goal was the same. To return Mandalor to it's roots as warriors and crusaders. This time targeting the New Mandalorians and Duchess Satine Kryze.
After the Clone Wars the terrorist faction would splinter into small cells. These groups would use their skills and tactics to work for whoever would pay. From the Galactic Empire, the Syndicates, even the First Order. Perfecting their brand of war.
Under the new Mand'Alor, @Fenyang Ordo, the Death Watch have reunited. By his command they brought their skills to bare. Becoming the tip of the spear in the New Crusade.
The rallying call of Death Watch transcends all Clan & House leadership, grudges and bad blood are left in the past once one takes up the mantle. A member of Death Watch takes orders from the Watch and the Mand'alor, the goal is common among members and the potential sacrifice is ever present but those who rally to the old symbols and ways are guaranteed glory when it is time to join the Manda.
  • Watch Out For Death Watch, answer only to those of Death Watch and the Mand'alor.
  • At Any Cost, the day will be won, defeat is not an option nor an acceptable outcome.
  • Give No Quarter, when the day is won none who opposed shall live to tell the tale

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