Tabloid The Galaxy Breathes a Sigh of Relief: Raze’s death is Celebrated in Thousand Worlds

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Sep 8, 2021
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The Galaxy Breathes a Sigh of Relief: Raze’s death is Celebrated in Thousand Worlds

Hello, darlings! We are back with the best news of the Galaxy! This time we are happy to announce that Raze, the Great Scourge, is finally dead! He met his demise during an attempted invasion of Ossus, a planet located in Imperial territory. According to our sources, the Lord Commander Varyn Atrix committed an act of self-sacrifice by ordering his fleet to bombard his position while he fought the Dreadful One.

Congratulations to him and the Empire for doing what the Jedi were never capable of!

This make me question once again if the Jedi are really necessary.

As you must know, news moves fast. In a matter of moments, the entire Galaxy knew about Raze's death. Soon, several citizens started to celebrate it. Crowds with thousands of individuals filled the streets while people released fireworks and danced. Such celebratory events happened from Brentaal in the Core to Tatooine in the Outer Rim.

Differences were forgotten and species came together, including the legendary rivals from Osarian and Rhommamool. Everyone came together to celebrate this moment, perhaps the greatest moment that Galaxy ever saw in a century.

Unfortunately, Coruscant and other planets are still filled with Raze's abominations and there is no attempt to free them. While some celebrate, these unfortunate souls despair without any help. Since the Jedi once again showed to be useless, perhaps we should expect the Empire to do something.

When a so-called tyrannical state is more helpful and competent than the self-proclaimed defenders of peace, something is really wrong with the later!