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The Sisters of Sanguine


The Sisters of Sanguine are a faction of the Sorcerers of Tund. They are loyal to the Sith Order by way of their master, Azar Kressh. The Sons of Sanguine are a shadowy association of powerful sorcerers, descended distantly from Pureblood Sith. Their membership attracts the various species that live on Tund, but their leadership is entirely composed of Sisters who still carry any visible Pureblood traits. Some have faintly red skin, others receding or missing pinky fingers, others too the red and golden gaze of their Korribani ancestors. As the name implies, the ruling Sisters are all Sorceresses. A result of circumstance as much as politics - using their bloodline to preserve their purity and pass down their incredible powers through the present.

For years, the Sisters languished in the shadows of Tund. Human sorcerers displaced the trueblooded Sith leadership, forcing their people into the shadows. The Sith had been effectively purged from Tund, replaced by a megalomanical class of Sorcerer overlords that controlled the land and resources of Tund. As a result of their pact, and their clinging to history, they have a ritualistic devotion to both the Sith Magicks of the Arcane and the Sith species themselves. They see the Pureblood Sith as the arcane made manifest, an expression of the Dark Side of the Force whose will they serve enthusiastically. At the heart of their power, they believe, is their blood. They call upon their bloodliens to augment their fearsome powers, drawing upon the spirists of the Sith purebloods that still linger in the lands of Tund.


The Sisters created their order in response to the human takeover of Tund - a way to bide their time and collectivize their resources as they awaited the prophesied return of the Sith to their world. They have become powerful Sorceresses in their own right, researching the artifacts and magicks of Tund to apply towards devastating ends.

Individually, a Sanguine Sorceress is a threat to be reckoned with. They are gifted in the use of the Dark Side towards enchantment, telekinesis, and ritualistic ends. As a collective, they are a weapon of mass destruction, capable of leveling battlefields through incredible acts of magickal power. Giant illusions, manipulations of nature, and terrifying rituals are all within reach of their power. They specialize in the Arcane and call upon it for all uses of the Force.


The Sisters also have operatives - sheep - of different species and gender. They are anything from soldiers, to spies, to farmers, to traders; the workhouses of the Sisters who keep their holdings running. Between the operatives and the Sorceresses themselves, the Sisters of Sanguine are a powerful faction in the world of Tund. They have incredibly limited reach beyond there.

To flesh out the cult of Sorcerers that Azar Kressh recruited here, and to provide new RP opportunities for the mysterious world of Tund.



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