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May 29, 2015
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. Astrographical information

Grid square
Rotation period
Orbital period
Outer Rim Territories
Shakespeare sector
Veronian system
1 (Escalus)
20 standard hours
344 standard days

.Physical information

Primary terrain

Point of interest


10,540 kilometres
Capulet Castle
Veridian Vale
Grand Theatre
Star-Crossed Orchids
Tybalt's Hawk

. Societal information

Native species
Immigrated species
Primary language

Major cities

Major import
Major export
Galactic Basic Standard
Aristocratic monarchy
Prospera (capital)
Montaluna (Escalus)
Raw materials


Star-Crossed Orchids

Tybalt's Hawk
In the verdant embrace of Verona, where the ancient trees whisper tales of love and strife, two celestial bodies – the planet and its moon – stand as eternal witnesses to the poignant dance of passion and enmity, a silent sonnet echoing through the cosmos.
―Elara Tavarius, Astrophysicist and Poet

Located in the far reaches of the Outer Rim, Verona is a world steeped in culture, history, and conflict. Renowned for its scenic landscapes and architectural marvels, this planet's beauty is often marred by the long-standing animosity between its ruling family, House Capulet, and the rulers of its moon, House Montague.


Verona's climate is characterized by its temperate nature, with mild, wet winters and warm, sunny summers. The planet's axial tilt and orbital eccentricity contribute to the mild seasonal fluctuations, allowing for a relatively stable climate that supports diverse ecosystems. Rainfall is abundant, particularly in the verdant forests and lush valleys that carpet the planet's surface. The pleasant climate and picturesque landscapes have long drawn settlers to Verona, despite the political unrest that often plagues the planet.


The topography of Verona is as diverse as it is breathtaking, featuring soaring mountains, expansive forests, rolling plains, and crystal-clear lakes. The mountain ranges, composed primarily of sedimentary rock, are renowned for their striking, jagged peaks that pierce the heavens. The abundant precipitation fosters the growth of dense, verdant forests, which serve as havens for diverse flora and fauna.

Verona's lowlands consist of vast, rolling plains, punctuated by the occasional hill or plateau. These areas are prime agricultural land, supporting a wide range of crops and livestock. The numerous lakes and rivers that crisscross the planet's surface add to its natural beauty and serve as essential sources of water for the inhabitants.


The inhabitants of Verona are a heterogeneous mix of humans and several alien species, living in harmony with one another. The majority of the population are humans, descendants of settlers who arrived millennia ago. A plethora of alien species also call Verona home, resulting in a rich tapestry of cultural influences.

The inhabitants of Verona are divided into two main factions: those loyal to House Capulet and those who support House Montague. This division runs deep, often extending to family and social connections. Despite their differences, the people of Verona are known for their artistic and intellectual pursuits, with many skilled artisans, musicians, and scholars among them.

Fauna & Flora

Verona's lush landscape supports an impressive array of flora and fauna. The forests are dominated by massive, ancient trees with thick canopies, providing shelter to countless species. Among the notable flora are the delicate Star-Crossed Orchids, which bloom only once every decade, symbolizing the fleeting nature of life and love in the midst of conflict.

The fauna of Verona is as diverse as its flora, with creatures both large and small inhabiting its varied terrain. The forests teem with avian species, such as the elusive Tybalt's Hawk, prized for its striking plumage and unparalleled hunting prowess. The open plains are home to herds of graceful antelope-like creatures, known as Mercutios, which are prized for their speed and agility.


Verona boasts an abundance of natural resources, including fertile soil, fresh water, and valuable minerals. Agriculture forms the backbone of the planet's economy, with a thriving trade in both food and luxury goods, such as wine and exotic spices. The planet's mineral wealth, including deposits of rare gemstones and precious metals, adds to its economic prosperity.

However, the most valuable resource on Verona is arguably its people. The inhabitants' keen intellect, artistic talent, and craftsmanship have contributed significantly to the planet's cultural and technological achievements.


Verona's government is an aristocratic hierarchy, with the authoritative House Capulet presiding over the planet. This distinguished family maintains strict control over the administration, military, and judiciary systems, perpetuating their indomitable influence. In a bid to maintain order and quell dissent, House Capulet imposes an ironclad stratification on Verona's populace. Beneath the ruling family, a convoluted network of nobles and lesser aristocracy wield moderate power and influence, with the common citizenry remaining largely subjugated.


The culture of Verona is a vibrant amalgamation of influences, forged by the myriad inhabitants who have traversed its picturesque landscape. Veronese society places great emphasis on artistic and intellectual pursuits, nurturing a plethora of skilled artisans, musicians, and scholars. The planet is renowned for its exquisite architectural marvels, intricate tapestries, and captivating theatrical performances, which often serve as allegorical narratives reflecting the strife between House Capulet and House Montague.

Verona's cuisine is a delectable fusion of flavors and ingredients, reflecting its diverse populace and abundant natural resources. Traditional Veronese dishes juxtapose sweet and savory elements, delighting the senses and tantalizing the palate.


Despite its antiquated social structure, Verona boasts advanced technology, particularly in the realms of engineering and transportation. Veronese engineers have developed state-of-the-art urban infrastructure, including sophisticated aqueducts and sewage systems, ensuring the health and well-being of its denizens. The planet's transportation network is equally impressive, comprising high-speed maglev trains and swift sub-orbital shuttles, facilitating seamless travel across the verdant terrain and beyond.


Escalus, the moon of Verona, ruled by the enigmatic House Montague, is a captivating celestial body that orbits its parent planet. While smaller in size compared to Verona, it sustains a vibrant ecosystem and a diverse array of inhabitants.

The terrain of Escalus is characterized by an intriguing juxtaposition of rugged highlands and expansive lowland basins. The highlands, composed primarily of ancient, heavily-cratered surfaces, offer a stark contrast to the smoother and younger lowland basins. These basins, filled with dark volcanic plains, provide fertile grounds for the growth of vegetation and the flourishing of life. The moon's landscape is punctuated by the presence of towering mountains and deep, winding valleys, often concealing hidden oases that sustain various forms of life. Subterranean cave systems and vast underground reservoirs of water add to the mystique and allure of the moon's geography.

The climate of Escalus is predominantly temperate, with milder temperatures compared to its parent planet. Due to its thinner atmosphere and reduced greenhouse effect, temperature fluctuations are more pronounced, resulting in colder nights and warmer days. The climate is relatively stable, with sufficient precipitation to support diverse ecosystems. However, occasional meteorological phenomena, such as violent electrical storms and fierce winds, remind the inhabitants of the moon's celestial origins and precarious existence in the cosmos.


The history of Verona is a tapestry of triumphs and tribulations, marred by the unrelenting discord between House Capulet and House Montague. Millennia ago, the first settlers from distant star systems arrived on the planet, captivated by its temperate climate and stunning vistas. Over the ensuing centuries, Verona's population flourished, attracting myriad species and fostering a vibrant cultural landscape.

The rise of House Capulet to power marked the beginning of an era of prosperity and expansion, as the ruling family consolidated their dominion over the planet. However, this epoch was not without strife, as tensions between House Capulet and House Montague, rulers of Escalus, escalated into a bitter rivalry that has persisted for generations.

Over the centuries, the animosity between the two houses has fueled countless skirmishes and conflicts, casting a pall over the otherwise idyllic world. Nevertheless, Verona's resilient populace has endeavored to persevere, cultivating rich cultural and technological achievements that continue to define the planet's indomitable spirit.


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