Where the Chapter Ends

Brandon Rhea

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Nov 27, 2005
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Deep in the heart of the planet Mandalore, a new leader is rising to power, promising to continue a legacy of honor and glory as his people move into the future. But it is not meant to be. The seeds of discontent were planted long ago, etched into the minds of a once-great society doomed to tear itself apart over nothing but stubborn pride.

In the unexplored regions of the galaxy, warlords on the planet Csilla begin to realize that their society is also on the brink of collapse. Theirs is a problem far more mundane than a struggle for identity; theirs is a problem of accounting. The blind ambition of a manipulated people will become their undoing.

Where one society collapses, another is always waiting in the wings, ready to take their place as a dominant player. The criminal forces of Nal Hutta have been watching, waiting, and plotting for their time to become a player in galactic affairs for the first time in centuries.

But the rise and fall of minor civilizations cannot compare to the war that has engulfed the galaxy. Not this war, nor any war in particular, but the millennia-long battle between good and evil that continues to be waged with no meaningful results.

Scattered throughout the galaxy, the once great guardians of peace and justice fight not only for their survival against an enemy that hunts them across the cosmos, but for the redemption of the fateful choices they made in abandoning the people that they had sworn to protect.

They must redeem themselves to the remnants of the broken civilization that now wanders through the stars, cobbling together even the slightest bit of resistance they can find to the oppression that has darkened their universe. It will not be easy; the odds are not in their favor, but the Force is their ally. It always has been, and always will be - as long as they accept it.

For now, it is the age of the conquerors. The cold hands of the dark side reach across the universe and strangle it, all in the name of one woman and her lust for power. These dark lords strike from the ruins of a once-sprawling metropolis, now a devastated wasteland that offers nothing but a reminder of the chaos and destruction that they have unleashed, while some begin to wonder what it was all for.

It is said that this darkness is generous, and it is patient, and it always wins, but in the heart of its strength lies weakness: love is a candle that can guide us through even the bleakest of nights. For love is the answer to the darkness. Love can ignite the stars.

The long night has begun.

​Credit to the book "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" for the ending of this post.