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Feb 5, 2017
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Zar 4

Astrographical information:
Region: Unknown Regions
Sector: N/A
System: Zar system.
Suns: 2, one blue, one red.
Moons: 3, Maxis, Gill, and Zook.
Grid coordinates: F-19
Rotation period: 25 Standard hours.
Orbital period: 358 days.

Physical information:
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 11,520 kilometers
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Climate: Temperate
Primary terrain: Plains, Mountains, Forests/Jungles, and few Deserts.
Native flora: Standard.
Fauna: Standard.

Societal information:
Native species: Human(only)
Primary language: Unique(Zarish, similar to Galatic Basic)
Government: Multiple Governments.
Population: 6.4 Billion.
Affiliation: None.

Zar 4 is an isolated planet located far to the Galatic South of the core worlds and their wars. The planet has remained unmolested from the Galaxy as a whole by currently not yet being capable of sustainable space flight. While some of the major governments have managed to operate successful manned missions to the planet's own moons, they have yet to be able to explore much further than that, and have not yet established any sort of foothold on the moons circling it's planet.

The planet is home to several different "Countries" each having it's own governments and sets of laws, and sometimes their own unique languages. While over a dozen different unique languages exist on the planet, the most common is Zarish which is coincidentally similar to Galatic Basic, perhaps indicating some sort of ancient involvement by other species in the Galaxy.

Zar 4 has a three hundred year history of violence, as a handful of separate countries rose to superpower over the majority of others. This imbalance of power has led to strife and starvation in many "under developed" countries not capable of producing the technologies common in the other countries with prosperity prevalent in most areas of the "developed" "first world" countries.

The planet has been utilizing air and land transport vehicles, nearly all operating on the flammable and explosive substance of gasoline, however some higher class individuals operate less powerful, but more sustainable electrically powered personal vehicles.

The planet's technology and scientifc advances have elevated it to the nuclear age, however multiple world saving medicines, and technologies are kept private from the planet's populous by corrupt governments and corporations in an effort to control the masses of the planet, and maintain a separation between the higher classes of elitists, and the rest of the population. The majority of developed countries have wide spread medical and technological services availble.

In the last one hundred years a population boom has occurred, nearly doubling the planet's populous, however the continued greed and self interest of the ruling parties, governments, and corporations has prevented the planet from advancing much technologically, which has kept the planet from any sort of Galatic expansion.

Thousands of years of economic manipulation by the higher class has forced the lower seventy percent of the population into a "working class" living a fragile line between starvation and sustenance. This was accomplished by pushing the population into a recurring system of debt and labor. These areas are dominated by corporate owned housing systems, some of which touch the skyline with enormous housing structures containing thousands of families.

Large corporations essentially own entire undeveloped countries by forcing them to commit labor to manufactue the products they source planet wide.

Approximately twenty-five percent of the population lives a more comfortable version of the debt labor in the more developed countries, where the line between starvation and livelihood is thicker even allowing for most of them to hold ownership over properties and vehicles, however this comfort comes at the expense of their dedicated labor.

A posh one percent lives an extremely lavish life with the best of everything the planet has to offer along with a multitude of technologies and medicines not made available to the rest of the population, these few derive their wealth from the exploitation and oppression of the rest of the planet.

the circle of corruption and self interest in the governments and other ruling parties has ensured the planet will not advance on its own as that would remove some of the comfort of the planet's elites.

Zar 4 is inhabited solely by a species of Human identical to the normal ones found throughout the Galaxy.

Flora & Fauna:
The Flora present on the planet are prevalent however do not differ greatly from most other planets. Likewise the Fauna are similar to the docile creatures found within the Galaxy with one notable exception. The Krayt dragon, which was only discovered on the planet just over a thousand years ago, and scientists on the planet have only discovered remains from these creatures dating back fifteen-hundred years suggesting they were brought to this planet by an outside force. These creatures are normally avoided by the inhabitants of the planet, and as a result dominate a portion of the Southeastern hemisphere.

Thousands of years of "civilization" have led to the extinction of all aggressive wild non-sentients, these creatures exist now only on display for the populous to observe at leisure, and in a few black markets. This has led to an over population of the docile creatures on the planet, most of which are farmed for food stuffs.

With all the technilogically superior planets in the Galaxy, I decided it was time to create a dark ages equivalent to the norm in the Galaxy. This is my repost from a previous Time Line and is actually still on the atlas. To have the write up in this timeline.
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The Good Doctor

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Jul 4, 2017
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Hello there, I'll be reviewing your planet submission @Mad Dog.

I'm going to ask that you take out all the commentary about RL Earth and excerpts that directly compare this world to real life Earth out of the write-up.

Also, this is personal suggestion more than anything, I'm aware that this planet has first submitted in timeline 7 and we are currently in timeline 9. So that's a difference ~7000 years (in-character). It would be pretty nice to see how the planet has changed in over that ~7000 life span.

Tag me when you are ready for me to take another look at this submission.

Mad Dog

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Feb 5, 2017
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@The Good Doctor I've done some expansion on the planet there, and removed the statements requested. I think it looks much better now, I'd appreciate any feed back on the matter.