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  • ...I have become convinced that Lucasfilm is lowkey stealing the stories we write. Some of the High Republic stuff is eerily similar to events that happened a couple timelines ago, with even some character personalities matching up oddly well with the comic characters...
    I’m sorry for my absence. I got free time then my mental shit held me back. No real excuse but that, I’ll post up what I already wrote.
    Replies are either coming later tonight or early tomorrow, assuming all schoolwork is done first.
    I expect I will finish Volume 1 of THE FIRST SITH - A Star Wars Roleplay Story Webcomic. Just got the files back, some need to be remade. But I need help with this project, if anyone is interested, as rewriting the timeline AND making the comic will take years.
    I'm back! I'm sorry for the abscence, back in college after a while of being away. I'll be replying to the one post I created, if there are others I think I'll need to be tagged :)
    A little confused by what’s happening in that election thread, what’s the connection between vahla and ren vhar? Is new vahla supposed to be ren vhar?
    Look up New Vahla - it's a settlement.
    Had an entire post done and then the page refreshed. I'll have to rewrite it all in a bit.
    I’m very sorry for the sudden absence. Mental illness led to gaps in memory.
    The rest of my replies are coming today. As usual, I accidentally bit of a little much so bear with me.
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