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  • No offense intended, but you have very…violent characters.
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    Die Shize
    Die Shize
    I’m a stupid head. I mentioned it above, read your IC post, and am like ‘how did they get Togruta what’s goin on here’ it legit took me a minute to remember Lem is a Togruta not a Twi’lek 😆 Shall post later today!
    So, I have an idea for the thread. I think that the RP has the potential to be more than a small social thread.I was thinking…crime syndicate? Or something?
    Die Shize
    Die Shize
    Most exquisite. I dig it. LET'S DO IT
    Please skip/replace me in mission/group threads. Sorry if it's any inconvenience but I wanted to at least give notice of my absence. Thank you!
    UPDATE: I will post to any ‘missions’ I am still in so that they progress without delay

    To those I’m threading with, I am taking a break so can pause 1x1 and skip me in group threads. Thanks!
    PSA: When you're on a chicken bender, grab a box of chicken tenders, remember to wear your sweater in the winter, and don't forget to take your meds! YAY! 😄
    Glad to be back! I’ll be dropping from the Discord server just to make sure I don’t get distracted lol but will rejoin it after the week. Can still reach my Discord at ‘dieshize’ if you need me. Peace!

    Turns out I'm caught up quicker than I thought. Threading on five sites isn't the hard part but revisiting them after a hiatus is. 😅
    Selfish but felt compelled to send this message. Don't want to leave on a bad note as I go considering. I care about you guys, had fun times. Norbz with our crimes, Darasuum to Mandalorian tunes, Scoob too, Huttball, what a game! Others.

    I'm not a poet, just experimented, I like to rhyme, like what others write. I'm human, act stupid, I'm sorry, I regret, and other things need my attention. All the best, my friends.
    Hello, SWRP. I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I may not be active here anymore but I honestly still value the site and community. I sure didn’t roleplay here for nothing. It was great. 😄

    It’s a bit of a cliche but you guys stay safe. To my buddies here especially but to everybody really. Keep healthy and don’t forget to take your meds! 😆
    Regardless of what was said or done, I just want to say I have had some fantastic roleplays on this site. We’d have no playground if the community did not first build it and keep it going. I have written with stellar roleplayers here. Made friends. And I have read threads of others that further connect. Been here for a while, off and on, but it’s been like another home. Whatever is next…this place I won’t forget.
    Please review this prose if you wish.
    But I take my leave of such nonsense.
    Go ahead, say “k” and give laugh reacts.
    Those I wrote with, I had an absolute blast.
    Others, you’ll no longer need to tolerate me.
    No worries. My writing is appreciated still.
    Just at other places, yup, atop other hills.
    Consider my characters and lore obsolete.
    Got no time or space to take crap so peace.
    Die Shize
    Die Shize
    You’re right! I’m still around for now. I have material to delete so will be pending. Till then, by all means, keep laughing. 😃
    what happened?
    Die Shize
    Die Shize
    Just my perception of being disrespected I guess, even by members whose posts I personally enjoy reading.

    There’s a way you approach someone and a way you do not, admin or not, and I don’t stand for crap is all.
    Catching up on threads tonight.
    I don’t wanna screw my roleplays over by not posting in time. 😎
    Eyo, do you want someone to post in your chronicle?
    Die Shize
    Die Shize
    Maybe….Maybe not…
    For now…only talk…
    About ham sandwich.
    Or lamb in the fridge?
    I prefer ham,
    And I really hate spam
    But Scoob likes it a lot
    So I might give it a shot
    But you can never go wrong with lamb
    Especially from Doll-Sheep ram
    They live up in Alaska
    Up high like alpaca,
    But they taste like no other
    So give it a shot, brother
    I am kinda tired.
    Kind of wiped out.
    So much on my mind.
    Though I won’t lose sight.
    Of my free PC activity tonight.
    Because I am yet even energized!
    Wings spread—not Red Bull—flight!
    There are stories to tell and I have time!
    A story is a song, song is a poem—rhyme!
    I will try to write replies to posts tonight if that’s all right based on time…otherwise, if I’ve run out of time, then that is fine because there is still space. That is to say outer space on a Star Wars website where the stars are so bright and the stories so alive. No dying light!!
    Rage against.
    The dying light.
    Isn’t my rhyme.
    I’m not its poet.
    Tis yet a fine line.
    The letters know it.
    Poetry is…is an art.
    Walk in black boots.
    To each beat ‘n’ tune.
    Blisters on those toes.
    On the heels…and feet.
    Life survives…and flows.
    Bright eyes night ‘n’ noon.
    No sickness or death soon.
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