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  • I didnt really think you could, since fb isnt linked to an IP.(afaik) One of the reasons I didnt know how to respond. XD My name and city are on here though, so I cant imagine it being too difficult. This is a weird conversation...
    I believe you that its your name. XD Id feel kind of creepy stalking your internet activities, even if you told me to. Haha
    I saw Weiss said you were taking part in IK coordination? If you want to talk about the battle or who is still interested in joining, hit me up on msn.

    [email protected]
    Oya, mate.Looks like you and I are whats left of the command. I guess mI acting Field Marshall.(Allies compy died)
    Well I guess you might be right, but we could be working on a different team and try to reach the truth before the others and hide it so a war would happen or something. So we could be investigating as well without knowing who is behind the attack (So we won't ruin Wendy' plan)

    After all, my character is a werewolf and he would want a war to happen between humans and vampires...also you could say that your character had a deal with the werewolf to work with them and in return her bloodline will be supported by the lycan once a war occur.

    However this is just a suggestion to spice up things a little bit and it is really all up to you.

    Halo is stuck in a musical number

    Thanks!! so are you going to have your vampire be with the investigation group or against them? Maybe you can have your vampire be associated with those who murdered the necromancer and have her tag along with my Lycan. After all, it would be boring if all of us are on the investigation team and I highly doubt that my character would get along with the others since he is a lycan. :p

    SO what say you?
    One with Jenna and the acolytes, where we pointed out how they could survive.
    As I said, I wouldn't have done it had I not received information that the admins had approved what I would do. Personally, I'm not a fan of most of their policies and such, and you know this, but they actually made a plausible, legitimate decision in this case. Shocked me as much as it probably did you.
    Lol... I did not do anything I wasn't allowed to do. If you think I metagamed, that's your opinion. In my and several others' opinions, however, everything I did was approved by the admins before even a single post came up.
    I mean if I had said HOMEFRONT is located on Seoul V. It is buried underneath an abandoned military base, that would've been actual metagaming.
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