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  • Hey Lavi, would I be able to sign Satsuki up for the Precision and Coordination class? She's already in the Dogfights class, would be ok if I was in two?
    Sounds good. I'll be ready, and I'll take the other half of who you don't take. Or does it not matter who's in your class? IF it doesn't matter i'll just put people in the classes at random, and I'll start my class sometime after yours starts, since I'm not actually sure what I
    ll be doing ;)
    Thanks for approving us <3

    Can the thread be moved to the approved forums too?
    We have the minimum characters on the ZeeGear Roster now. Thanks for taking a look at it :)
    Ah, sounds funnn... Well, you can post when you can. I don't personally mind. Otherwise,if you want to back out, it's not the worst thing in the world either ;)
    We have 4 total volunteers, and myself, signed up for the flight lessons. We can wait a little longer before starting any classes, but I'll leave it up to you what you want to do, whether it be waiting or starting the class right away. Either way, I'll let you pick and choose who you want in your class, and I'll take the rest. I also want my charrie Ark to be in your class rather than the class I'll be NPCing, for obvious reasons... Just let me know your thoughts. And thanks again for helping out here!
    I posted up a new faction, members are getting profiles together still but should have 3 or more once they finish it up. Just so you know :D
    Well, the class sign up is looking pretty dead so far. I'm going to try to pm some people and try to lure a few people into the class, otherwise, are you fine with simply taking on the two people and myself who are looking so far to be the only ones interested in the class so far? Hopefully I can stir some interest for it soon though.
    Hmmm, I'm sold. This Saturday I know what I'll be watching!!! : DDD

    Thank you Lavi, you beast of a man you. :charmed:
    Found out about it a few days ago, and really liking both the genre, story and the visuals so I think I'll give it a go very soon. Mecha = win in my book.
    Thinking about watching Aldnoah Zero, you'd reccomend it?

    Also Kshatriya is boss, nuff said.
    Sure! Two were on skype, ill send you a picture tomorrow? My desktop is packed because I go back to school tomorrow morning, and im on my tablrt.
    Oh cool! I thought you were gone. Sorry! The Kisgart Industries is lacking our FL for awhile, and the other members have agreed I could take it over. How might I go about that? Do I just post a new thread so I can edit everything, or...? And am I even allowed to take it over like that?
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