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  • question: if I got a couple interested ppl, would we be able to get The Shizukesa Order up and running? (The only samurai/monk faction this site had XD)
    The short version is that Xanthus's mentor was a member of the Order, and through him Xanthus gained a connection to the Order which he is now taking full advantage of. His goal is to turn the Order into a partially humanitarian organization, and to see if it could potentially become an ally of the Rebellion. The full story can be seen in my application to join the indie faction (it's too many characters to post it here). Link
    Hallo Lavi, I was told that you're the man to talk to regarding dual faction membership. I'm requesting permission for Xanthus to be a member of the Rebellion and the Order of the Canted Circle.
    Baling said that members will have been members for at least the last 20 years.
    ICly he originally joined as a part of a mission when he was a Padawan. Joining now to help the Galaxy and to try and keep the organization from becoming corrupt.
    It's all explained in my app to join it on the sign up page
    I was informed that I must request permissionto bbe a member of multiple factions. So this is it. Permission for Fang who is a Jedi Master to also be a member of the order of the canted circle please?
    Mahalo Lavi, I was hoping that if/when you get the chance you could look at this, and possibly permitting my PC's dual membership between the Rebellion and an Indie faction.
    It's okay. It's not really a big deal, though it was one of my finer creations here. Thanks anyway! :D
    Hey, Lavi! Is there a specific template for indie faction submissions?
    I hope those details weren't "and she's a rebel traitor" O.O might make life quite possibly shorter for poor Ral. Haha, but in any case I look forward to seeing how this plays out one way or the other.
    Haha okay. Do you have a plan or is this just gonna be a play it by ear kind of thread?
    Haha alright. I didn't want to make it weird with throwing a Mando Rebel in there so I thought I'd ask. I'll get started on a post.
    Hey, if there are still spots open in The Brand of My Heritage would you mind having Ral join in? Or would a Mando be too obvious? Haha.
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