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  • Ok everyone, I have something to put down here. To put it shortly I feel most of my characters are done for. I feel as if the idea I initially had with them is no longer really even working out and I don't want to just keep them treading water until I can figure out what to do with them. I will be completing every thread I have posted in, but as of now on all of my characters are officially abandoned.
    I have not had a good week. Family stuff has happened, work has been kicking my butt, and I'm just feeling a bit burnt out. I'll try to get posts out as soon as I can but it may take time. Thank you all for understanding.
    Update: I know I've been away for a while and that may continue for a while. I've been in the final stages of moving down to Florida and the hurricane just showed up before my last major load. Luckily it's fine, it's perfectly fine with no damage. I'm just kinda finding little energy for this while the rest of my life is going faster and faster. Give me some time and I'll return in force.
    Feeling a bit burnt out, so I'm going to take tomorrow to mostly step back and review my characters, if they need changes, if planned ones are good or not, or if I need to scrap some. I'll get through the current load I have with them, but won't take any more on beyond ones that's promised.
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    Enjoy your break! Hope the burn out doesn't last long, but don't worry—it happens to everyone! :)
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