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  • Yo, since Jiang left, I'm assuming the Commonwealth is done for good (unless he plans on returning.). That being the case, do you mind if my mando joins with the Mandalorian group you got running?
    I'm just going to post this wherever I can in the hopes of you seeing it, but since we've not heard from you we've decided we need to impose a time limit on Zigoola. You'll need to make the changes required by 9PM your time on Monday. Alternatively, if there's circumstances preventing you from posting, please post something in the OOC about it by then, otherwise we'll have to consider ruling on finalizing the thread. Thanks.
    Ah okay - No worries, we're just looking at a few balance things and stuff. We'll get back to you soon.
    Hey, quick question since he isn't on atm, but has Jiang spoken to you recently about Sisk's Armor?
    Howdy Sisk! I was wondering if you would do a thread with me of my character Max meeting Sisk, ahead of some work he would like to collaborate with him on.

    Likewise, there is a possibility that Nor'baal may wish to meet/contact Sisk as well!
    Also a tad cliché, but who cares, its a freaking jetpack! (also, were you being serious? Because that would be awesome...)
    Umm...Aaron doesn't have a jetpack...:worried: I could have him just hop off the bike and sneak attack tanks with his AT launcher.
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