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  • Yu! Halp! I got a thread up in the fan works thingy with need of photoshop help and from what I can see, yours is the ****ing best work. Will you please help out? I needz teh pic for a charrie I'll be making soon.
    Spewin. Well cheers for the heads up. I guess it'd be inevitable with so much happening. :/
    If you want, we can wrap up what we are in the middle of, so you don't leave this training session unfulfilled.
    Unforutnately, you do have valid concerns. I ended up putting too much on my plate. I apologize, but could you find another master? However, my workload has decreased, so I could continue posting today.
    Solo, I was under the impression that SWRP did not allow Ysalamiri in any form, isn't that correct?
    O.o no Way... he was just an NPC bro... and it's not a hard shot to dodge...

    i don't approve of PC deaths unless they serve a very good purpose.
    They weren't ninja like... >.>
    when you're in a brawl some things come easy to dodge, and the only reason he took the bodyslam, is because he was really angry, if someone tried to box him he would have taken almost eery hit, and returned them in kind. and no'one really layed that many attacks into him. He took caligulas' baseball kick, it was just a shame that he was wearing heavy leg armour, which i said when he came in.
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