HoloNet News An Imperial strike eliminates terror cell 'Korda Six'

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Apr 3, 2023
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An Imperial strike eliminates terror cell 'Korda Six'
By Iyana Syllabus Banche - 158 ABY

Broadcast on Imperial lines only​

The culmination of efforts between branches of the Imperial war machine sought revenge against a large terrorist organization last known to be ruling the planet formally known as Korda Six. Now informally known as 'Slag Six', the planet was home to a vile and savage creature hell-bent on attacking the Empire.

Intelligence reports provided ample proof that these war machines were planning yet another terror attack against the Empire, on a much broader and impactful scale than the previous one that would target civilian and military alike. It has been suggested that they may have been behind the recent incident with the Hutt Cartel, dragging two formally ambivalent neighbors to blows.

It is a great privilege to report that the operation to protect the Empire was led by none other than the returning Grand Marshal Din. A man well known for never ordering his subordinates to do something that he was unwilling to do, the Imperial war machine lept into action and assembled above the terrorist enclave. Cue sweeping shot of an Onagar Star Destroyer bristling with weapons.

The Grand Marshal would serve a dish, they say best served cold, upon the vicious and bitter thugs. However, in this report, we can confirm that the dish was served several thousand degrees warmer than that. It shall be written in the history holo's that the fate of Korda Six was sealed the moment they decided to act out against the Empire. A true showing of Imperial might was never so grand and in doing so, elicited a testament to the commitment of the service members in keeping us all safe.

The coming months will show a revival of Imperial ambition, of peace and prosperity provided to you by your protector.

All hail the Empire

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