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April 2nd, 2021

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Hello there, welcome to the April 2021 newsletter!

April Fools!

Gotch'ya all. Happy April Fools everyone! No, there are no plans for a timeline change.

Tech Update: Skin and forum software upgrade and a bug fix with tagging.

There is also the Tabloids section, inside the holonet section. Got an 'inside scoop' on a character? Post it here! Get to sensationalizing!

General Time Update
  • It is now 107 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 142 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

  • There will be a new event coming soon! Staff are working diligently on putting the last touches on it. Be on the lookout for more announcements.
Story Spotlight

Sith Invasion of Denon

It was a peaceful, uneventful day on Denon; but that changed when the Sith attacked. Led by @Darth Raze and spearheaded by other Sith Lords they would boldly strike at the Free Worlds. Not mere terrorist attack, but an outright invasion with troops and mighty starcraft against the Denon Defense Force. The Sith are looking to capture their government officials and force them to capitulate, but Jedi defenders stand in their way.

It's a gruesome battle that has anything from Councilors and Senators to Padawans and Marauders! Devastation continues to befall Denon as buildings are collapsed and hundreds are laid to waste. The battle has already claimed the lives of @Maxims Tionson , @Talak Rand and @Morndell Avon and it's unclear how many more lives will follow this horrific tragedy.

Regardless of the outcome of the battle, no one can deny that the Free Worlds are at war with the Sith. How they will respond, we will see.

State of the Galaxy

The AMS Outbreak

Although the Independent Systems Consortium and the New Republic were quick to start up internal discussions over what to do about AMS after the grim reality broke over the holonet, the Free Worlds Alliance was slow to react, and did not set up such a internal discussion.

When brought before the Galactic Senate, they discussed courses of action, and are veering towards the use of Blackwell Droids to curb the threat as well as the logistics of setting up a cure. Although the meeting is still in progress as talks have been slow. Meanwhile...

Nal Hutta: 35% infected
Rorak 4: 75% infected
Nar Shaddaa: 59% infected
Toydaria: 60% infected
Tol Amn: 95% infected
Keldooine: 89% infected
Kwenn 21% infected
Irith: 74% infected
Nixor: 98% infected
Randon: 67% infected
Ruusan 31% infected
Ubrikkia: 92% infected
New Apsolon: 84% infected
Deysum III: 95% infected
Coachelle Prime: 48% infected
Utapau: 98% Infected
Bothawui: 30% Infected
Kashyyyk 22% infected

As the Galactic Senate is still convening, larger action has still yet to be taken. The hotspots reported before have grown for the most part. Not only that, there are new spots, notably Ruusan, Kwenn, and Kashyyyk. The AMS pandemic is going dire by the day. Even now the virus has firmly reached the galactic north, the very opposite corner of the galaxy where the virus orginated, and the virus has greater hold in planets all across planets from the Outer Rim to the Core Worlds and the less-remote Deep Core worlds.

The Jedi

The Jedi Order, in an effort to continue its efforts to join with the rest of the Galaxy in a more meaningful way sent its representative to the Galactic Senate meeting to raise the proposal for a unified response to the AMS crisis. Though, perhaps, little has been done to promote the idea of Jedi inclusion since the Jedi representative’s initial figures were far too low to be practical.

Continuing his efforts to strengthen both himself and the defenses of the Jedi Order as a whole, @Drow Venn has begun the task of retrieving the holocron of Cin Drallig. Cin Drallig’s legacy as the last Battlemaster of the Old Jedi Order was, understandably, tainted by his inability to defend the Old Jedi Order against the unforeseen threat of the Clones and Darth Sidious. It is the hope of Drow Venn to restore honor and purpose to the title once more.

Unable to stand by and await a co-ordinated military response by the FWA, members of the Jedi Order find themselves on Denon. They have presented themselves as the line between the Sith and the rest of the free Galaxy and the time has come for this resolve to be tested in the fires of war...

The Sith

If it wasn't clear that the Sith are a rising empire, it is now. It's undeniable, the Sith are now once again in control of a big swarth of the galaxy, from Dathomir to Raxus, from Clak'dor to Sullust, Eiattu, and Malastare.

The entirety of the ancestral Sith space is now under the Sith Order's control, the Sith Purebloods have rejoined the empire and @Darth Malicia is now Queen of Korriban who has spearheaded the entire effort. Old Sith Space is her realm. Her cult has also spread her influence further with her cult being planted on the city Raxus, bring the city world and it's surrounding planets firmly under Sith control.

Not to be outdone, @Darth Asminys is also looking to incorporate Belsavis into his holdings.

The former Jedi world Ajan Kloss is now claimed by the Sith, having defended it before and yet again, with @Darth Stolas defeating the famed Ranger Captain @Roland Rook, killing him. An impressive accomplishment on Stolas' resume no doubt.

Sector Rangers

Sector Rangers around the Galaxy were shocked at the untimely demise of their Captain, @Roland Rook in the skies over Ajan Kloss. The Mandalorian Ranger ventured to the planet to investigate Sith activity and, unfortunately for all who knew him, found it in the form of @Darth Stolas . In the ensuing aerial combat, Roland was defeated and his ship destroyed. Chief Douglas Hudson paid tribute to Roland with a Holonet Broadcast in which he announced the Captain’s passing and reaffirmed the Ranger’s commitment to bringing justice to the Galaxy.

Lastly the Sector Rangers are finally making their move against the @The Eclipse, after multiple missions to set up the operation. Lead by @Darmus Onn, the rangers seek to bring him to justice.

Five Syndicates

Although the AMS virus runs rampant on worlds within what is still Hutt Space, there seems to be little effort from the Five Syndicates to actually combat the zombifying virus. Even after it infected every scoundrel's favorite HoloNet host. Instead of the virus they're still aiming to Hurt the Jedi Order by making them even more unpopular than they already are and making a brave effort to unionize labor intensive worlds in Hutt Space. They're clearly not grasping how serious this virus is and some are even see kissing up to the Hutt that might be mainly responsible for AMS!

Worst opportunist syndicate in times of crisis? The Crymorah Syndicate. @Preef Callo landed a small army of droids on Nar Shaddaa to take control from the Hutts in what is already viewed as a Hostile Takeover. Maybe he wants to save the moon from the virus? Or, more likely, Kessel and the other profitable worlds are next! Will this be the end of the Five Syndicates? Who will rise to the occasion and stop Preef from destroying the Hutt Cartel, or who will prove to be the bigger opportunist and rise to lead a faction of their own?

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