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August 1st, 2021

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Hello there, it's a new month, yay! So enjoy the new newsletter!


Galactic Senate New Main Faction!!

As you all might have noticed, the Galactic Senate is now a proper main faction, as you can see here the faction has it's own subforum, with the write-up and roster inside and there are already is a player-initiated agenda thread. For writers with characters in the New Republic, Free Worlds Alliance, and Independent Consortium of Worlds, check it out! Same goes for anyone interested and looking to roleplay politiics!

General Time Reminder
  • It is now 109 years after the Battle of Exegol, we are in 144 ABY (After Battle of Yavin).
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.


Story Spotlight

Battle of Felucia

Taris had been a loss for the Jedi and other defenders, while the Sith have won the day and are reaping the rewards for it. But the war rages on elsewhere in the galaxy. The Jedi lead by @Sevrin Valtiere with @Jaesa Valerin @Ruzaan Kai @Kanan Marek @Dusty Daytonus @Isen Ramm and @Vahn Berand in tow - are not content to just lick their wounds, so they launched an attack on a major Sith-held world Felucia in tandem with some FWA worlds lending their forces. The Sith have mustered up a formidable defense composed of @Bir Vuul @Artorigas Wessex @Shorkattatha @Xeno Brogroo @Deva Gendrel @Zara and @Jaikus Altaris.

The fighting is fierce as the Jedi-led forces assault the Sith base, massive clone wars-era walkers tread through the exotic swamp planet beating on the gates of the Sith base as Jedi and Sith clash each other once more.

Politics, Politics, and Politics!

The political world constantly shifting, nothing ever stays the same for too long. The holonet has been especially lively as of late, with multiple addresses from Consortium cabinet members - from Govenor @Julia Hipori , Governor @Carrick the new Secretary of Defense, and then the Treasury Head Govenor @Soygun York.

Speaking of Treasury, it was York himself that unveiled the new currency for the growing political bloc, the Consortium crown which is currently more valuable than the credit used by the Free Worlds and New Republic.

Representatives from the Jedi, Sith, and Republic were both contending to sway the planet Vendaxa with offers, but in the end @Flauki Ubbeson joined up with the ISC.

After that meeting, Republic Senator @Sutton Rayne released a statement condemning ISC vaccine nationalism and went to sets out a prioritisation proposal. There was to be a lot to be said about it, from both the ISC President himself, from Hipori, from @Dr Ilana Morata, and from York before issuing another statement of her own. But suffice it to say, Sutton Rayne seems to be on a collusion course with the Chancellor @Eder Owusaan himself.

It looks to be right now that the Galactic Senate members are gearing up or have that in their minds. The ISC isn't wasting time making sure their military is assembled, as the ISC members Carrick and York have arranged meetings with Blackwell representatives @Julia Hipori & @Newton Arden and are right now the presentation of the military is the current item on the agenda. For the others, talk about bolstering their forces is on the rumor mill but if they are going to do it, they should do it soon before the Sith are on the warpath again

State of the Galaxy

The AMS Outbreak

Nal Hutta: 46% infected
Rorak 4: 79% infected
Nar Shaddaa: 70% infected
Toydaria: 61% infected
Tol Amn: 98% infected
Keldooine: 91% infected
Kwenn: 27% infected
Irith: 77% infected
Nixor: 98% infected
Randon: 71% infected
Ruusan: 42% infected
Ubrikkia: 95% infected
New Apsolon: 90% infected
Deysum III: 97% infected
Coachelle Prime: 53% infected
Utapau: 99% Infected
Bothawui: 15% Infected
Kashyyyk: 31% infected
Boz Pity: 11% infected
Lannik: 13%
Gamorr: 13%
Sneeve 11%
Saleicami 9%
Boonta: 11%

There is a light at the end of the tunnel yet, as there is prep work for distribution for the vaccine underway by MorataCorp. And soon @Dr Ilana Morata will be hosting an open forum with the Galactic Senate regarding distribution of the vaccine. Good news for the galaxy, one step closer to stopping the AMS virus' spread.

But even so, in the present the virus is not taking a break. Although the virus has long made it's way across the galaxy, it continues to reek havoc on the galaxy, and new infestation hotspots are being formed despite governments doing what they can.

The Jedi

The Jedi fought bravely on Taris, going toe to toe with Sith Conquerer @Darth Stolas and the other Sith who followed in line. Unfortunately, as the battle raged, the corrupt oligarchs of Taris betrayed the Jedi Order. Taris' government surrendered to the Sith and offered the Jedi as a prize. In that moment, the forces of Taris turned on the noble Jedi. The Jedi only escaped with assistance from an odd ally. Mandalorians who fought beside the Jedi evacuated the freedom fighters with Taris falling into the hands of the Sith.

This defeat and betrayal, has sparked a growing debate within the Jedi Order. The debate that has plagued the Jedi for centuries. How should they conduct the war? A group of Jedi Masters has gathered to discuss the course of the Order. Master @Yvain, Master @Indy Sati, Master @Drow Venn, Master @Vahn Berand, and Councilor @Alexandria Voran sit sequestered to discuss the future of the Jedi. Sadly, their is no agreement among the Masters on how to protect the Order.

Meanwhile, after the defeat on Taris, intrepid Jedi Shadow @Sevrin Valtiere has launched a strike at the Sith world of Felucia. The battle is on going with a large force of Jedi and Sector Rangers fighting valiantly to reclaim the jungle world. The results of the strike could shift the balance of power in the galaxy. The Jedi are struggling with their own internal ideologies as they work to push back the Sith without losing who they are.

The Sith

@Darth Stolas has sent out orders to secure and build up the armed forces in Sith territory. Sith, agents, and third party contractors all spread out across space to ensure the reliability of their war machine.

A mixed collection of Sith have boarded a ship to dive into the unknown with the goal of finding out the nature of a mysterious 'Entity'. The ship, piloted by @Tiamat, has made it through a series of cosmic hurdles to reach their destination. Only time will tell where this rough and untrodden path will lead them all.

In continuation of his wayfinder-guided quest, @Artorigas Wessex and his apprentice, @Malou D'Amaris, explore the old Sith planet of Exagol. They face beasts and other horrors in their journey through the vast and ancient temple.

The party on Serenno at Castle Wessex is still ongoing, with many Sith mingling and and getting to know one another. There is much much and drinking between different ranks and an abundance of shenanigans and free-spirited celebration. Of course since it's a Sith party there has been a touch violence and a great amount of tension of all sorts.

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