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Guinevere Delevigne
She/Her — Human — 29 — ISB Director — nfs

Guinevere - an Director in the ISB’s intelligence department is a 29-year-old human woman from Lianna. At 5’7” and 120 lbs, she is academically gifted and well-spoken with moderate athletic ability. She is non-force sensitive and is thrilled with the new direction of the Empire.


Guinevere was born into a modest family on Raxus. As a gifted student, she quickly thrived in most classes which soon led to her being placed on a track toward working in the intelligence field. Of particular interest was her talent for picking up languages and slicing skills. Her lackluster physicality made the peacekeepers an impractical assignment for field work, much to her disappointment but this wouldn't stop her from trying.

While the Sith ruled the Empire, a certain flavour of fear ruled the ISB which only tainted her opinion against them. It was therefore a triumph that upon their exodus, the Empire was stripped of its Sith ties, for the most part at least. Quietly lurking in the background, the young woman yearned for the day that the Empire would completely rid itself of its magicked curse and only rely on good, honest, hard work to achieve results.

Skills & training.
Skilled linguist
Skilled Slicer
Basic arms training
Basic pilots experience

Weapons & Assets.


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