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Feb 7, 2024
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► 26
► Togruta
► 5' 6''
► 163 lbs
► Light blue
► N/A
► Raxus
► Female, She/Her
► Jedi Order
► Jedi Knight
► Yes, trained

Kimi Bastian. Soldier, commando, Jedi. Much has changed for her in her twenty-six years of existence. Born on Raxus, she grew up surrounded by the Empire. Her father always tried to ensure that Kimi gained knowledge of history and the non-imperial galaxy, but despite this, she enlisted in the Imperial armed forces at the age of seventeen. After being deployed to several fronts over the course of two years and proving her worth several times over, she was selected for commando training. After another two years of some of the most extensive and grueling training ever, she 'graduated' and was attached to a squad. However, on a mission a year later, Kimi was left for dead after she was caught in an explosion. Her left arm was injured beyond repair and had to be replaced with a bionic arm. Finally, she was able to return to the Empire but was immediately discharged with a meager pension because her bionic arm was 'not to Imperial specification.' Shocked and angry that the Empire would toss her out so casually when she was still combat-capable, Kimi wandered until she was met by a Jedi, who identified her Force sensitivity and took her in as a Padawan. Kimi's previous and extensive training allowed her to become a Knight in an unbelievably short time. She has an old tattoo on her right shoulder from her commando days: the Imperial roundel with her identity code above it: IC-0236. She always tries to conceal her tattoo when possible and always wears a glove over her bionic arm. The fact her left arm is mechanical is not a commonly known fact.
Kimi generally tries to maintain a semi-mysterious but practical outer personality, but this facade sometimes cracks to reveal a much more artistic, quiet, and kind person, a side of her buried deep by her superiors and her unforgiving training. However, she has a temper comparable to a switch. She is an expert at maintaining her composure, but push hard enough and she will eventually snap. And for her, snapping means lashing out hard and at the nearest available output of her anger. Kimi has no in-between. She is either calm or in full-wraith mode.
Being trained as a commando, Kimi is proficient in using almost all types of weapons and is also an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. However, her mechanic skills are limited to small, temporary field repairs. She can survive in almost any environment with adequate equipment and can go for weeks on meager food and water supplies. Her cooking skills amount to preparing combat rations. Her lightsaber combat skills are above average, but her Force skills leave something to desire, and her ability to manipulate it with her bionic arm is even worse.
+Purple lightsaber
+Misc. clothing
+Omicron-class attack shuttle named the Kampfsturm, spec-ops variant
+Vibroknife (2x)
+Small thermal detonators (2x, on utility belt, if mentioned)
+Jedi utility belt and associated content
+R3 astromech named R3-K1 or 'Kips' equipped with a spark projector
+Jedi robes/armor
+DC-17x ICWS


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